OxyFile #43

TI:  Ozonization of Blood For the Therapy of Viral Diseases and 
     Immunodeficiencies.  A Hypothesis

DT:  February 1992

AU:  V. Bocci

SO:  Medical Hypotheses (1992) 39: 30-34

AB:  In the last 3 decades major autohemotherapy after exposure 
     to ozone has been used in Europe in uncontrolled trials 
     carried out in patients with many illnesses, particularly 
     chronic viral diseases and neoplasms.  It appears that the 
     treatment may activate the host's immune system by inducing 
     the production of immunoactive cytokines and it may now be 
     possible to rationalize the procedure, improve the regimen 
     and assess the outcome.  It is apparent, however, that such 
     a therapeutic approach, in order to be acceptable, requires 
     an investigative effort of biologists and clinicians.  Once 
     this is done, owing to the large range of medical 
     applications and the simplicity of the procedure, 
     autohemotherapy could become very valuable particularly in 
     underdeveloped countries.