OxyFile #40

TI:  The Use of an Ozonized Sorbent in Treating Patients with
     Progressive Pulmonary Tuberculosis Combined with Hepatitis

DT:  July 1994

AU:  Belianin II., Shmelev EI.

SO:  Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 66(2):29-32, 1994

AB:  After analyzing comparative data on various treatments for 
     progressive pulmonary tuberculosis combined with hepatitis, 
     it is inferred that ozonized sorbent hemocarboperfusions are 
     effective modality against the above condition.  Ozone does 
     not activate lipid peroxidation in blood, while it might 
     activate electrochemical blood oxidation on the sorbent 
     membrane and produce a direct therapeutic effect on