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                Copyright 1994 by Ed McCabe   8/94
              Non commercial reproduction encouraged

After 7 years of doing all I can on a daily basis with limited
resources to help people with AIDS, I am saddened that elements
which are trying to keep ozone therapy away from those who so
desperately need it have finally sunken to the level of
personally attacking me as well as doctors and other researchers
with sterling reputations.  I normally would not reply to such
trashy journalism, for to do so would be to dignify it.  Yet for
the sake of all those who so desperately need this therapy, I
must.  I must, for although it will sully my spirit to sink to
the APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles) level of yellow journalism, I
cannot let their half truths, innuendos, and character slurs to
stand unchallenged. To equal their energy I will depart from a
scientifically acceptable, and unemotional, listing of facts and
express my feelings openly at the low behavior of an organization
which doesn't deserve any respect in this area. 

Normally I work with people to reach a consensus of
understanding, educating them as we go along, never getting
personal unless they will not communicate in any way after many
reasonable attempts.  But these incompetents published personal
attacks without communicating for more than a few seconds and
widely distributed their slurs into the computer nets to be
passed around over and over trans nationally. Incompetents
because they might kill people, scaring them away from a good
treatment with their lies.  I know they are my brothers and
sisters, beautiful shining souls simply gathering lessons during
their earthly experiences, but at the level they sunk to they are
manifesting as dangerous incompetents, and for the purposes of
this article I will call them what they manifested as.

This writing is written in outrage as a response to the recent
life threatening AIDS Project Los Angeles' Martin A.
Majchrowicz's Document 0001 2/94. Their document, guised to look
official, is biased in the extreme, poorly researched, and
derogatory, and filled with lies, half truths, and slanted
inexperienced opinions pronounced as fact, and I will prove it.

I will assume you have read the inadequate APLA article and have
it in hand to reference as you read this. Documented proof of
everything I say herein is available in my well referenced
publication "O3 vs. AIDS." (See end of article for availability)

First, why would APLA, an organization supported by "donations,"
come out trying to discredit 100 years of medical ozone's proof
of effectiveness as a valuable, safe, and effective treatment in
multiple diseases?

Why would someone named Majchrowicz, who is an self professed
APLA help-the-AIDS-people opinion leader put into print slurs and
innuendoes that are disparaging the sterling reputations of the
majority of the tireless ozone researchers, MD's and promoters?

Doctors and journalists publishing ozone facts in the U.S. are,
and have been for many years, working long hours for very little,
if any, profit because they are driven by something within them,
an insatiable sense of conscience that drives them on responding
to a higher calling. They have to do what is right, what they
believe in, to try and save humanity from its own ignorance. 
They know when applied correctly ozone works, they have seen it
work.  They know that if it is not an outright cure in every
case, it is the absolutely best treatment available for the
widest range of diseases. Yet it has become an almost untenable
burden for them to work against the pressure of a close minded
federal and private healthcare scene that only dances to the tune
of the drug companies.  Why should these heroes have to endure
seeing their work, names, and reputations smeared by the very
people they are trying to help - just because an APLA writer
hasn't done enough of his homework?

Why would someone in their right mind who is witnessing the slow
insidious mass destruction of our society's fabric from the
spread of AIDS not be jumping on every shred of hope and fighting
to have them tested over and over, even if it only improves an
AIDS patient's quality of life a little bit?  What is this
perverted APLA attitude that "if you only IMPROVE lives and can't
cure everyone 100% of the time, then I'm going to insult you for
trying to help people?" 

These uninformed articles paraded before the sick and dying
dressed as the "expert" opinion of those who have a sacred moral
obligation to help them, personally disgusts me. Similar tactics
are employed by Project Inform in San Francisco, which tells
callers ozone is only a form of sexual practice, and Search
Alliance in L.A. which refuses to explore ozone despite my
repeated personal 6,000 mile trips to see their director, Mike
Slatterly, and repeated correspondence and phone calls. Search
Alliance's motto is "We will leave no stone unturned in our
search for a cure." Sure, as long as the stones are all drug
oriented.  It's the same on the east coast; My personal letters
and proofs sent Express Mail to ACT-Up, Gay Men's Health Crisis,
talk shows, movie stars, sports stars, etc, etc, received NO

Instead their editors spew out their emotionally arrested and
child-like articles. Under the guise of "science" they cry out
like babies: I don't know anything about ozone so I will strike
out at it because the fact of your saying "It works" points out
my ignorance of it and seriously threatens my cherished and well
constructed beliefs that I depend upon "there is no cure," and "I
trust father figure authorities to never lie" and "if the drug
companies and the FDA have been lying to me all this time, my
world would fall apart." If these things are true, then this is
too scary - so now I will hit you.

Their negative lazy limited understanding of a life saving, life
improving, safe, proven and effective therapy, is disgusting
because it scares away those who need it the most -the poor sick
and dying sufferers of this terrible set of diseases.  Can you
really understand what we who labor for ozone go through?  How
would you feel, really, if you PERSONALLY witnessed, over and
over, people getting well, or at least improving, and DAY AFTER
DAY all the authorities on the TV, in the paper, and from the
"help groups" refuse to look at it and indeed, insult it, and
shout via "concerned" "public service" advertisements "You're all
going to die!"?  How would you feel? What if this goes on eight
years as in my case, or 40 years as in the case of some U.S.A.
doctors.  How would you feel? Would you finally start writing
articles like this one?

Why do they ignore it?  Because they are "too busy" raising money
for themselves. Too busy enjoying their new found fame and
positions of authority because they have AIDS, and, it's too much
fun acting like an expert instead of finding out the real story
of ozone because it's too much work (Took me 8 years so far). 
Sure, all these so called "experts" do is quote each other and
call it documentation.  They are not out in the clinics using
ozone, in the homes of the underground ozone people, watching
kaposi's sarcoma disappear in weeks, having your own phone
tapped, watching ozone machines confiscated, doctors successfully
treating people hounded by the law, doctors going to jail,
doctors having their good names slandered in newspaper headlines,
doctors having their homes seized. You won't get it till it
happens to you and your friends.

If they really want to understand what is going on, I have saved
them lots of time and money, all the HARD WORK is over, I did it
FOR THEM, history, references, politics, protocols, eight years
of my life.  BUT THEY HAVE TO STUDY IT !!!! Not lazily pass
judgement on rumors and isolated instances.  All they have to do
is read my and other books, watch my and other videos, or study
the thousands of references and examples I have published. 

What's the writer of the APLA article's agenda? Only God knows.
Is he driven by the same insatiable sense of duty to humanity as
the ozone pioneers, or, was his motivation to set himself up as
an expert to be admired, or is it to please his funding masters,
or, is it parallel to what we should all be doing, looking in
every nook and cranny, repeatedly, without rest till we overcome
this disease together?

Perhaps if we look at the funding of APLA, and these other nay-
sayers we will find lurking in the shadows the mysterious
donations from the pharmaceutical industry which sees ozone as
deadly competition, and/or perhaps it is the egos of those
dependent upon the continued existence of positions of authority. 
May I suggest that you look at their finances while they
mysteriously point at our nonexistent fortunes and call them

                               THE REBUTTAL

[Document 0001 ... Ozone is smog?] 

Ozone at ground level is from nature trying to clean up the smog. 
In the same way, an ozone air purifier can clean up a smokey
room.  How can smog's Hydrogen or Sulphur turn into pure oxygen
called ozone? They point at ozone measured in PARTS PER MILLION
and ignore TONS of hydrocarbons as the source of your respiratory
distress so you won't go after the polluters.

[Document 0001 ... Ozone proponents "claim" the establishment
wants to crush them?]  

Absolutely.  They have crushed ozone people continually so far.
But they're sneaky, it doesn't get into the papers or on the
national news. They know you would be outraged if you knew about
it all. That's why you hear it from me. I have a list of 18 U.S.
doctors. The documented proof is in my "O3 vs. AIDS."

[Document 0001 ... "Dangerous" forms of ozone therapy?] 

Ozone is one of the safest therapies in the world. The German
Medical Society has published that 384,775 patients were treated
with ozone with a minimum of 5,579,238 applications and the side
effect rate observed was only .000005 per application! The report
also stated "The majority of adverse effects were caused by
ignorance about ozone therapy (operator error)."  The University
of Innsbruck's Forensic Institute published Dr. Jacob's
dissertation quoting this in "The Empirical Medical Acts of

[Document 0001 ... Intramuscular injections of ozone?] 

No one who knows ozone uses this method anymore. In 1938, in the
Parisian Medical Bulletin - Bulletin Medical Paris 52 or 42:745-
749, Paul Aubourg, Honorary Electro-Radiologist in the Hospitals
of Paris, publishes "Medical Ozone: Production, Dosage, and
Methods of Clinical Application" He noted that of 465 patients,
intermuscular injections were abandoned as too painful and
ineffective. In 8000 applications of ozone, there were no
accidents or harmful side effects.

[Document 0001 ... ...theory suggests ozone is effective against
free virus but also against cells that are already infected with
HIV. However neither of these theories has been proven in any
laboratory studies]??????

In a major breakthrough for U.S. medical thinking, three years
after the study concluded, the ozone\HIV work of M.D.'s  Wells,
Latino, Galvachin, & Poiesz is published in a well respected U.S.
peer reviewed medical journal. Their article:
"Inactivation Of HIV Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro" appears in "Blood
Journal, Volume 78 Number 7, Oct 11, 1991, pg. 1882" describing
the research coordinated by Dr. Bernard Poiesz from Syracuse
State University of New York Research Hospital.  They performed
15 replications of an ozone study that interfaced ozone with HIV
infected factor 8 blood.  The ozone completely removed the HIV
virus from the blood 97 to 100% of the time, yet was NON-TOXIC to
normal healthy blood components.  Ed McCabe announced this study
back in 1988, in his "Oxygen Therapies" book.

Comment: THINK THIS OVER.  If ozone has hereby been proven to
work so safely & effectively, registering a 97 to 100% kill rate
on the most virulent recombinant virus known to man, how much
more effective is it in the treatment of ALL the other lesser
viruses, thereby negating the need for all the allopathic
vaccines and antibiotics for polio, measles, chicken pox, mumps,
swine flu, colds, legionnaire's disease, etc.?  Is this why none
of our leaders connected with the pharmaceutical companies dares
to allow U.S. human trials?

[Document 0001 ... ...there is "little evidence' to suggest that
ozone is an effective anti-HIV/AIDS therapy in humans.]

What, is he kidding? Nobody dies of HIV, they die from the
secondary infections! Ozone has been proven effective all over
the world for the past 50 years for the treatment of over 50
diseases! That means ALL the secondary infections, including the
primary HIV infections!  They write TEXTBOOKS on it in Germany!
Doctors meet yearly and publish clinical results! See "O3 vs.
AIDS" referencing the stacks of proof available.  Where is 50
years of the proof it does not work?  Don't mistake APLA opinion
for "proof" just because they personally don't know about what's
going on.

[Document 0001 ... Carpendale Study - difficult to conclude that
ozone had a definite effect on their diarrhea.]

The bias of the writer is so blatant he should be ashamed. Four
out of five who got ozone experienced a decrease in diarrhea.  He
uses this statement to cast doubt on ozone because there was
"only five patients"?  What the hell is going on? I see diarrhea
decrease all the time after ozone, I can give you home phone
numbers. Instead of making fun of it, go try it! Ask twenty of
your friends to use safe ozone, if any treatment for this deadly
disease shows any promise, search till you drop!  What's the APLA
real agenda?

[Document 0001 ... Carpendale study - two patients showed CD4
increases... one died of pneumonia six years later... report
doesn't show clear benefit of ozone therapy]

No, not CLEAR benefit, but because in the first years of the
struggle to get ozone therapies seated in the mainstream only a
few could get the limited effectiveness of RECTAL ozone therapy
we should stop looking at it because they got SOME benefit? 
People with the AIDS problem need ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET! What
is the APLA's real agenda, to extinguish innovation?  Amazing how
some egos will try to stop others from looking toward ozone for
help so they can keep feeling important themselves.

[Document 0001 ... supposedly hundreds of cases of people being
"cured" with ozone including complete alleviation of symptoms and
becoming HIV negative... None of these reports has ever been

Now he's misquoting me (a form of lying), I do not say hundreds
of people were "cured." Ozone is a TREATMENT, a good one, safe,
cheap and effective. Let's see what I testified to before the
National Institute of Health in June of 1992. 
The public record and my Aids Patient Care article repeating it
clearly states the following: 

Ed McCabe testimony for National Institute of Health Subcommittee
On Overlooked But Effective Therapies, now the Office of
Alternative Medicine. Presented 6/18/92 @ NIH Bethesda, Maryland.
"Medical Ozone Therapies: 50 Years Of Overlooking A Proven Answer
To Diseases Like Cancer And Now AIDS" 

Quoting: "I have kept in continual contact with 6 U.S. MD's who,
independent of each other, have collectively reported bringing
over 300 AIDS (later corrected to 200) patients to HIV negative
status, including complete eradication of any secondary disease
factors such as energy loss, weight loss, diarrhea, etc.  I have
also interviewed many AIDS patients who have been getting ozone
therapy on their own, and all those who followed good protocols
reported an immediate increase in energy, weight gain, and T cell
stabilization or increase in a few weeks."

Note I said "doctors REPORTED," no one said "cure." One doctor
who reported and had documentation of 113 returning to HIV
negative, was soon after this public testimony in which I named
him, jailed for 5 years on trumped up charges to shut him up and
shut him down. If you don't believe it go interview him in his
jail. They tell him if he'll discredit ozone they'll let him out. 
Others in jail for ozone truth told the same. Why would six
doctors report it when their only reward is suppression?  Because
they are bravely trying to help us.  We are all trying to help
you. Or is it safer and more profitable for the APLA staff to sit
around at a desk and publish insulting ozone articles?

[Document 0001 ... Proponents of ozone claim that these reports
cannot be made public due to the fear that these doctors involved
will have their licenses revoked.]

You don't believe this could happen in America? I have a list of
18 U.S. doctors successfully using ozone that were attacked, or
shut down, or intimidated out of the ozone business by the
authorities.  If you were one of these doctors or an ozone using
U.S. doctor facing loss of career or jail, you wouldn't be
talking either, and they all know it. I got six to talk by
establishing a relationship of confidence.  I never divulge
anyone unless they directly tell me it is o.k.  I am in
communication with doctors all over the world that forbid my
divulging them. I keep these confidences to allow the flow of
information out to you, but remain in a squeeze between the
protection of confidences and your incessant demand for proof.
This is not an easy spot to be in when so many are sick.

Now that I just detailed how one doctor who spoke out in defense
of humanity's right to oxygen/ozone ended up in prison, any
doctor reading this article will stifle innovation and never
speak out - unless he is a rare brave soul. 

[Document 0001 ... Nothing is preventing patients with HIV/AIDS
from coming forward and claiming they have been "cured"]

Again the naive lies. No one is claiming "cured." And nothing
preventing coming forward except the following historical
examples I have already witnessed. If you happen to be a southern
parent whose children are HIV positive from blood transfusions
and you have had your house burnt down.  Nothing except, why
would anyone but the purest altruist want hoards of dying people
calling at all hours, disturbing your sleep, calling at work
uninvited, irritating your boss, and getting you fired. Nothing
except, if you ever say you "were" HIV positive no one will shop
in your antique store, or eat in your restaurant anymore, or hire
you as a waiter, or go to school with or date your children?  Or
visit your office? Or how about a doctor getting his house burnt
down and his car machine gunned twice? Or a Canadian man give a
lecture on ozone therapy and coming home to all his neighbors
reporting that the local police were the ones to just shred all
the papers in his apartment?  Or how about an Australian film
producer having his studio and master tapes (including the Ed
McCabe lectures) and house burnt to the ground.  Or an ozone
proponent thrown in jail for having a Las Vegas street corner
conversation with some patients, and having his car trashed by
police outside his house, or being pulled over and having his car
unloaded and searched 8 times during a cross country trip? Or an
oxygen doctor/historian being shot at and having his house burnt
down and his lab destroyed? Or in the 40's Dr. Koch being
poisoned and his friendly court witnesses being beat up, or Dr.
Blass (Homozone inventor) being bludgeoned to death? 

"Coming forward" as you prove so very clearly in the APLA article
means certain public ridicule by so called self appointed
"experts." As a journalist I am constantly at odds with the
public's well meaning perception that all "cured" patients will
joyously come forward to liberate us all with the "cure," opposed
to the real world reality that once they get well, they no longer
want to talk to you, or know you anymore. They put it behind
them, they don't answer calls. They get on with their lives. To
date I have repeatedly experienced most people with this disease
are willing to promise to do anything while sick, but once
improvement sets in, so does selfishness.

[Document 0001 ... ...two reported cases of death from ozone use
...APLA strongly cautions people about the risks associated with
ozone therapy]

Hold on just a minute! Get up off your computer, walk down to the
closest hospital with AIDS patients. Ask the administrator "How
many people have died from AIDS here while getting the best of
care?" Will APLA now "strongly caution" people from going to
hospitals since thousands of people have died from hospital
therapy???  Wake up! Every therapy has risks if done incorrectly!
I investigated the two rumors mentioned, one patient was brought
to the ozone clinic "comatose," half dead to start with, and the
other was probably killed by his lover poisoning him - the doctor
and staff all reported the lover uncharacteristicly left the
clinic very early, and called back in and asked "Is he dead yet?"
before any abnormalities had manifested in his lover's condition.

[Document 0001 ... (ozone proponents claim) finding a cure using
ozone will threaten pharmaceutical companies]

Wake up! The average AZT user will spend $125,000 on AZT alone
and suffer die anyway! Then add in hospital, doctor, drugs, and
on and on. Dec 16th 1991 Barron's printed: "Tax supported NIH -
National Institute of Health's AIDS research budget rises to 851
million dollars, up from zero 10 years ago.  As of August 1991,
the manufacturer of AZT took in $315 million dollars on sales of
it." Where's your self righteous published outrage at these four
year old figures!

[Document 0001 ...average cost of rectal ozone machine is
$5,000... underground physicians charge as much as $30,000]

Again the bias of inflationary lies. Machines are going for only
$2,500 to $4,800. The HIGHEST doctors are charging $18,000
average. And unlike people doing highly toxic AZT, etc, the
majority of people who do ozone right report definite improvement
or outright remissions! What's the real agenda in quoting such
statistics? The amounts APLA quotes seem astronomical to an
indigent with AIDS, and these are the sympathies the APLA article
attempts to play upon to incite the masses, yet they are "chicken
feed" by comparison to the institutional business as usual greedy
profits of the medical industrial complex which funds all the
"AIDS hotlines" which are dissing ozone.

[Document 0001 ... ...people purchased ozone machines and
reported little or no benefit]

Did they leave them in the closet or use them? Did they use them
correctly? I have talked to plenty of people who haven't. I have
also talked to hundreds of people who report a lot of benefit!
Patients who report no benefit 99% of the time never followed a
correct protocol, never applied enough ozone, or never used
proper concentrations, or never changed their re-infecting,
immune depressing lifestyles. Simple rectal insufflation done by
most, although helpful, is not the proper protocols that I'm
talking about!  People who have never tried it, or only just
"dabbled" in it, end up being the only nay sayers.  

Go ahead and ask anyone who is dissing ozone - Ask them, did you
work up to at least 150cc (not the starting dosage) of 27-42
mcg/ml concentration strength of only pure medical ozone gas? 
Was it once or twice a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for AT LEAST FIVE
TO SIX weeks?  Was the ozone delivered by auto-hemotherapy, slow
IV, or a better method?  Was the patient lying PRONE? Was
treatment concluded with weeks of hyperbaric or DMSO therapy? Did
the patients stop drinking and stay off drugs? If they say it's
dangerous, or ineffective, they're doing it wrong!

And let's get something straight right now. AIDS is a lifestyle
disease. If you're drinking, smoking dope, doing poppers, eating
the wrong foods, and re-infecting yourself and taking ozone too,
the ozone won't work.  And a lot of people are in denial about
this, saying they only do "a little." Here's a perfect example,
and some of the people involved in our example were APLA staff
people: It took me years to get someone to fund a small study in
Mississippi but it all came apart far too prematurely when the
secondary hired treating doctor - himself HIV positive, started
drinking and smoking pot and doing poppers with the patients and
telling them the therapy probably wouldn't work - because the
doctor himself was not showing any improvement! These people's
lack of self control and constant drug abuse flamed their egos,
damaged their bodies, ruined the study, and set ozone back years.
They also destroyed my good relationship with the humanitarian
funding the study, preventing any more research. It didn't work?
No kidding? What a surprise! You can't maintain your "normal"
abusive lifestyle destroying all your white blood cells wholesale
on a daily basis with substance abuse and get well in spite of

But all these active, young, drug addicted "hip" people don't
want to give up "the party," because they're so "depressed that
they are going to die" so they form into self-reinforcing groups
who tell each other "Naw, don't even try, it don't work, have
another toke, want some poppers?." I see this phenomenon in every
city, and this dark influence infecting every AIDS help group

The second point is that experts in other fields, traditional
doctors included, have only a partial understanding of ozone
therapy.  Because they are expert in something else, they think
they understand ozone as well.  They commonly end up applying it
incorrectly and thinking it is like a drug, and wondering what
went wrong.  The rumor mills then report: "I know someone who
tried it, they say ozone doesn't work."  These ego based errors
only slow the adoption of ozone therapy into the mainstream of
American Medicine.

90% of the many successful people that I have interviewed - and
written or spoken about - have received ozone only a proper way.
And none were hurt. Those that use oxygen/ozone therapies
continue to come back for more because they live the benefits
within their own bodies.

[Document 0001 ... ...the decision is yours to decide who is

Or who is looking for donations by pretending to be honest and
scientific so APLA can continue this kind of character
assassination? If you donate to APLA now, may I suggest you
withhold funding till they get their heads on straight.  In the
meantime look elsewhere for projects to fund. We have studies set
up that just need funding.

The APLA writer again through ignorance ignores all the M.D.'s
worldwide who have been in the honorable ozone business for 10,
20, 30, or 40 years, and cites one ozone doctor's fees of only
$1,000 a week (insinuating this personalized care fee is somehow
wrong - what does a hospital charge?).  The doctor is now in jail
on trumped up charges because he successfully treated 113 people
with AIDS and talked openly about it. I know this doctor. He used
extremely expensive enzymes and other raw materials, had a full
staff, a nice office in a good part of town, and treated each of
the patients 4 to 6 hours daily with multiple therapies six days
a week. $1,000 a week was very cheap for such personalized high
class service. Ask around, what does a day in the hospital where
you are only a cog in an assembly line cost? 

People think all the expenses of the alternative doctors are paid
by magic, but merrily fork over their lives and bank accounts to
the establishment doctors and hospitals en masse before they die.
The price he charged covered his expenses only so he could gather
data.  Now the government has seized his bank account, his house,
and by putting him in jail, killed his daughter. And the APLA
writer sits there in a snit and dares to accuse this man of
profiteering? The APLA people who wrote and approved their
article are not fit to walk in this ozone hero's shadow! Get off
the scandal track and start helping people!

[Document 0001 ... - APLA misquotes my NIH testimony again,
saying I claim cures]

Again APLA leaves out the significant phrase "six doctors have
reported to me"

[Document 0001 ...  ...we asked McCabe if we could speak with
people who have become HIV negative.  We were provided with four
names of people]

Yes they did.  And if I knew what APLA was up to, I wouldn't have
given them the four! Such requests violate privacy issues. Again,
APLA leaves out that I said here are the only four people at the
present time who will come forward, and they each had mixed
results but most report definite improvement. Two said they were
PCR negative and both showed me lab tests, two said they were p24
negative. If you don't do the full protocol you will report great
results to me, I report this, and then a year or so later someone
with a negative slant asks you how you feel, now that you have
restarted your decline from lack of treatment, you will not be
giving out cheery reports at that point.  The ozone worked, but
without complete or continued treatment you backslide, and your
opinion sours. It is not ozone's fault.
I told the reporter in our two second conversation "You can try
these four people, but the vast majority of success stories
quickly fade out of sight."

[Document 0001 ... One felt better... but no sustained benefit
six months later.]
[Document 0001 ... One felt better ... probably because he was
away from home]

Both these gentlemen did NOT get a full therapy, both went home
against doctor's orders prematurely due to financial
restrictions.  At first they were full of praise, they felt
better, looked better, were better.  Then they stopped the
therapy, I interviewed them at the height of their good feelings,
and now APLA comes along a YEAR later, after the incomplete
therapy has mostly WORN OFF, they feel bad again, are bitter they
couldn't finish the therapy, and they can't remember feeling good
because they now don't feel so good again.

[Document 0001 ... All three men contacted mentioned how upset
they were that McCabe claims that people are being "cured."]

Sure, now APLA attempts to destroy my relationship with my
contacts by lying about me. A journalistic manipulation technique
equivalent to "Hey I heard Ed McCabe say you're a jerk!  By the
way, how do you feel about Ed McCabe?"  The desired quotable
response is obvious. APLA and others have "baited" people saying
"Ed McCabe says you're cured." I'd be pissed at me too.  I do not
tell people these particular people are cured.  I say WE MUST
BEFORE MORE OF US DIE!  I quote the facts, comment, and you draw
the conclusions. But quote me correctly! 

[Document 0001 ... Ed McCabe lectures around the world]

If you're without funds, suffering and dying from AIDS, a vision
of this journalist/author going around the world healthy and free
is certain to promote the APLA desired calculated responses of
jealousy. "Who does he think he is?" Well, I'll tell you.

By now I am quite frustrated by all attempts at using "the
system" to save the Americans and other people from themselves
during the present and future plagues. Remember, I have been on
over 1,075 radio & TV shows and speaking platforms.  This was NOT
all glamour. This was not easy. You couldn't have paid me enough
to put up with all this crap! I travelled thousands of endless
miles, ever sit cramped in a plane for 22 hours straight, in
coach? And it was all very expensive. I am seriously in debt.
Besides being extremely careful along the way to establish
credibility for this therapy among the professionals, I also
appeared in the big venues with thousands of people waiting for
the truth, and for 6 years I spoke to anyone, anywhere, who would
put together an audience, including tiny cable stations,
backwater mini radio broadcasters, pirate TV shows, and the back
rooms of health food stores. I went without sleep, stayed in
countless cheap motels, ate "road food" and slept in countless
rest areas and on the floors and sofas of ozone supporters'
apartments and homes. I spent two and one half days writing this
rebuttal without pay just to help you.

Always building the grass roots support this therapy needs, but
now having brought the truth into the highest corridors of Senate
and NIH power, and watching people needlessly continue to die, I
have become convinced I must put more emphasis on taking it to
"the streets" even more. Ozone needs your help. Thousands of
people all over the world support us. The nicest people are into
oxygen, volunteers abound, but we're up against the Goliath of
institutionalized ignorance.  There are bright moments. I have
been amazed continually at the way the Universe helps us. Educate
yourself with the real facts, and get out there and purge the
hierarchies of these people who spend their time trying to keep
you away from oxygen. Your right to have oxygen is your very
right to life itself. 

[Document 0001 ... No studies showing how ozone works... no
studies showing ozone is effective.]

Because APLA remains ignorant from not doing their homework, does
that mean ozone isn't effective? Again the innuendo and lies. My
"O3 vs. AIDS" and all the other published works reference proof
enough TO GET STARTED TESTING NOW!  Germany has thousands of
studies, all in German, has the APLA read them? You must STUDY
ALL the literature first to know what we're talking about.

[Document 0001 ... Safety remains the issue ...told of two

Repeating the same innuendo to attempt to discredit. These
scenarios have been addressed. Only two? Compare: How many people
died in a hospital from AIDS today?!  Properly administered ozone
therapy is one of the safest therapies in the world.

[Document 0001 ... ...not a real doctor treating]

What are we doing wasting valuable energy looking at isolated
instances of possible human frailty exceptions? People are dying!
APLA is again parading out fabricated dirt that could be
constructed about any operation through innuendo. Again
attempting to somehow portray ozone as a world of confidence men
instead of the serious respected international medical treatment
it is. If you watched one of the tabloid TV news shows expose a
pharmaceutical drug using doctor as a fraud, would you assume all
drug doctors are now frauds?  Of course not, but if you had never
heard of a therapy, it is a well known manipulation technique
that all the information that first arrives to your brain
associated with it will always be paired with it, and remain
stronger than any subsequent input.  That is the manipulation
technique that the APLA is using, "guilt by association," to try
and discredit all ozone therapists early on.

As to the writing of the APLA article, what is the purpose of
printing this kind of trash in connection with an internationally
proven and respected therapy?  Why is APLA wasting time focusing
on possible isolated human frailties when the whole point is SAVE

Over 5,000 licensed doctors including 4 major Russian medical
centers around the world are using ozone therapy as you read
this.  Don't believe it? Call all the legal European medical
ozone machine manufacturers and ask them how many machines they
sell to doctors yearly! And while you're at it, call the member
MD's of; The International Ozone Association, The International
Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation, The German Medical Ozone
Society, The Italian Medical Ozone Society, The International
Association of Oxygen Therapies, and The Foundation For The
Advancement of Oxygen Therapies! What is the real agenda of the
APLA writer?

The doctor in question ("not a real doctor") was retired due to
disability, and as a clinic owner, he hired a legal doctor to
officiate the clinic. Because of a lack of anything but drug
therapy in U.S. medical schools, U.S. doctors receive no ozone
education, so they must be taught and shown by word of mouth and
example while under pressure. Many non-M.D.'s in this field know
more about the ins and outs of this therapy than "real" doctors. 

[Document 0001 ... The safety (remains questionable)]

Only to those who know nothing about it. Proof of safety, I
repeat. The German Medical Society has published that 384,775
patients were treated with ozone with a minimum of 5,579,238
applications and the side effect rate observed was only .000005
per application! The report also stated "The majority of adverse
effects were caused by ignorance about ozone therapy (operator
error)."  The University of Innsbruck's Forensic Institute
published Dr. Jacob's dissertation quoting this in "The Empirical
Medical Acts of Germany."

[Document 0001 ... (The) trust of those who administer and
promote ozone therapy remains questionable]

Again the feeling of disgust at these people daring to insinuate
I would have a lack of honesty or trust, or fabricate facts, lie,
and have any other motive than to help you.  Every human endeavor
has bad apples. The world is a slippery place with all these egos
pushing their personal agendas. Those who try to help the
downtrodden masses aren't always rewarded but most likely
attacked instead.  Most people don't want to give up old
cherished ideas and addictions even when it is time to move on. 
The APLA article is proof that ANYTHING can be - and often is -
made to look bad by competitive interests, and especially
effective at this are the ideas and sides with all the money that
have been entrenched over time.  You see, some would love it if I
get so disgusted over such slurs as the APLA article that I would
stop trying to reach you. After 7 years of all day long trying to
help people who call, being stressed without letup, straining and
permanently damaging parts of my body from marathon writing
sessions, loosing money especially from traveling expenses to
expos, and asking nothing but to stay in operation in return, I
keep on.  I keep on because I believe truth will always win if I
can just keep at it long enough. It is going to take a much
higher order of energy to deter the people who know ozone is
real, and that it works.  

Note: I am personally $70,000 in debt from research, travel, and
promoting life saving ozone, so you can stuff all this innuendo
crap that I did it just for money! 

You can plainly tell the purpose of the APLA article. You can
plainly feel the objective.  If we are all working toward a
helpful consensus, which is the only alternative available to
sane people when so many are facing death, why didn't APLA call
me back when the writer ran into any seeming negatives compared
to the little information he got from me in a few seconds of a
phone conversation? Why should they jump into print and computer
networks insinuating I am a liar? Shouldn't they have enough
honor to call me back at least once and asked if there is an
logical, factual and true explanation for anything puzzling them? 
Well, you can see when they didn't, they already had the point of
their article planned in their minds, and only called me as a
formality so they could attempt to discredit me and therefore

Even though I have been treated so unfairly, I will still help
them, and you, if asked, even after this heinous slander.  The
people, I will always help.

                              End of rebuttal

Mr. McCabe has published videos including "Ozone and AIDS," and
also offers his new 4/94 revised oxygen/ozone referenced
chronological report "O3 vs. AIDS." His first work, the self
published best seller "Oxygen Therapies: A New Way Of Approaching
Disease" has sold over 100,000 copies by word of mouth.  Over the
past seven years, he has appeared on over 1,075 radio, TV and
speaking platforms trying to help the sick. His books and
audio/video tapes of proof and testimonials are available from
"The Family News"  9845 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami Shores, FL 33138. 
800/284-6261 or 305/759-8710, M-F 9-5 EST. Free sample

At the urging of many in our oxygen family, The Not For Profit 
"Foundation For The Advancement of Oxygen Therapies" has finally 
been formed.  Our stated purpose: We are bringing our case to the 
public by educating them that oxygen supplements, therapies and 
related activities are historically inexpensive, safe, and proven 
effective when used as directed by competently trained healthcare 
professionals.  We are using education, the media, and soon, with 
your help, aggressive research as proof to silence whomever 
postures against oxygen, your very right to life itself.

While America dies of AIDS, Tuberculosis and a host of other 
diseases, and the FDA stands before Congress and declares as 
truth that "there is no evidence that ozone has any medical 
benefit," and Congressmen say we should "imprison anyone who 
promotes or uses ozone for 25 years as a felon," and doctors 
curing diseases are railroaded into prison, and homes are broken 
into by government agents seizing ozone machines, things have 
gone way too far.  They are referring to us. You and me and our 
friends.  Won't you please become a contributing member by 
joining the foundation today?  Donations will be in a segregated 
account and only used for our stated agenda.  Please send your 
donation, no matter how small or large - all will be appreciated 
- to us at the following addresses.

1. If you need a tax receipt, in care of IBOM, an IRS approved 
   501-3C charity

  Payee: I.B.O.M. (The International Bioxidative Medicine  
 Indicate the donation is for the seggregated account of:  
 "The Foundation For The Advancement Of Oxygen Therapies"
 Mail to: IBOM, P.O. Box 13205, Oklahoma City, OK 73113

2. If no charitable deduction tax receipt is needed, just send 
   donations only, no correspondence, directly to: 

The Foundation For The Advancement of Oxygen Therapies,
Ed McCabe, Executive Director 
c/o  P.O. Box 654
Cazenovia, New York State
Postal District 13035

                              End of Document


      Document 0001
 TI   Ozone/Oxygen
 DT   9402
 AU   Martin A. Majchrowicz
 SO   AIDS Project Los Angeles Treatment Education Program -
      Spring 1994

 TX  Ozone, the fusion of three oxygen molecules to create
     O3, is an incredibly unstable molecule that breaks down very
     easily into a stable O2 molecule and an O1 charged molecule.
     In nature, oxygen more frequently occurs in the O2 state
     which is far more stable. Ozone is more commonly known as 
     the layer of the atmosphere which protects plants and 
     animals from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation 
     from the sun. It is also known as a pollutant that builds up 
     in the lower part of the atmosphere on warm days as a result 
     of chemical reactions, driven by the heat of the sun, when
     nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons from vehicle exhaust react
     with oxygen. In this form, ozone can cause irritation and
     sometimes damage to the mucosal membrane of the respiratory
     tract and the eyes. 

     Ozone can also be useful in the treatment of water. Known as
     a strong oxidant, ozone can be used in the water 
     purification process as a method of killing bacteria and 
     other microorganisms in the water supply. 

     Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral
     properties, some  believe that ozone can be used as a method
     of treating a variety of diseases including HIV/AIDS. This
     practice has become quite controversial. Most researchers
     believe ozone has no medical use. However, ozone proponents
     claim that the Western medical "establishment" wants to
     "crush" this cheap and effective method of treating 
     HIV/AIDS, cancer, and a variety of other acute and chronic 
     fatal diseases.  
     There are several different forms of ozone therapy which are
     sometimes referred to as superoxidation or hyperoxidation.
     Ozone therapy can be administered in three different ways.
     one method is removing blood from the patient, bubbling 
     ozone through the blood, and infusing the blood back into 
     the patient. Another form is the rectal ozone machine which
     generates ozone gas and blows it directly into the patients 
     rectum. The last and potentially most dangerous form of 
     ozone therapy is oxygen intravenous or intramuscular 
     injections of ozone gas. This literally entails injecting 
     ozone gas directly into the vein or muscle of the patient. 
     Hydrogen peroxide injections are sometimes used as part of, 
     or independent of, ozone therapy. Those who recommend 
     hydrogen peroxide also recommend drinking and bathing in it. 
     The hydrogen peroxide used for such therapy is a different
     strength than what can be purchased in a drug store. 

     Mechanism of Action As there are many different forms of
     ozone therapy, there are as many different theories as to 
     how ozone therapy can be useful. The most simplistic of 
     these theories is that since disease causing organisms, 
     including viruses, die in the presence of high 
     concentrations of oxygen, by increasing the oxygen 
     concentration in the body with ozone, this will kill HIV and 
     other viruses and bacterias. This theory is also coupled 
     with the fact that since we breath oxygen everyday, it is 
     "obviously" safe to be injected or infused into the body 
     with no toxicity or side effects. 

     When ozone is created, it quickly degrades from an 03
     molecule to an O2 and an O1 The first theory suggests that
     the O2 molecule win kill free viruses, meaning viruses that
     are not hiding in CD4 cells. Since there is very little free
     HIV in the blood, the real problem of HIV infected cells and
     their ability to produce more HIV is not solved. 

     This theory can be taken one step further by claiming that
     the O1 molecule, an oxidant, is the useful aspect of ozone
     degradation reaction, and this is what will kill free 
     viruses as well as "diseased  cells" (cells infected with 
     HIV). The rationale for this theory is based on the fact 
     that healthy human cells can protect themselves from  the 
     oxidative stress of O1. However, viruses, microbes, and 
     "diseased cells," lack the ability to protect themselves 
     from oxidants, therefore they are destroyed by ozone. 
     Healthy cells, those that are not infected with HIV, will
     not be damaged by the ozone. As opposed to the first theory, 
     this second theory suggests that ozone is not only effective 
     against free virus but also against cells that are already 
     infected with HIV. However, neither of these theories has 
     been proven in any laboratory studies. 

     One laboratory study suggests that ozone may act directly on
     HIV by inducing viral particle disruption, reverse
     transcriptase inactivation, and/or perturbation of the
     ability of the virus to bind to its receptor on target 

     Bocci, a researcher in Italy, has put forth a very different
     theory of how ozone may be effective against certain
     diseases. Bocci recognizes that ozone decomposes very 
     rapidly and very little virus is actually free in the blood. 
     He suggests that the benefit of ozone may be due to its 
     ability to enhance the functioning of the immune system and 
     induce the production of certain cytokines such as tumor 
     necrosis factor (TNF) and interferon (IFN). 


     While laboratory studies that show ozone can kill HIV in
     vitro (in the test tube) exist, there is little evidence to
     suggest that ozone is an effective anti-HIV/AIDS therapy in

     Carpendale reports using ozone to treat diarrhea of unknown
     origin in five men with a wide range of CD4 cells. Of the
     five men, the four with the highest CD4 counts experienced a
     decrease in diarrhea. The one patient with Cryptosporidium
     and a CD4 cell count of 75 did not respond to ozone and
     eventually died. The four men who responded had relatively
     high CD4 counts (193, 130, 209, & 435) and may have resolved
     regardless of therapy. Many times, diarrhea in people with 
     HIV can spontaneously resolve. Due to the small number of
     patients and the nature of their symptoms, it is difficult 
     to conclude that ozone had a definite effect on their 

     Carpendale also reports on two asymptomatic patients who 
     used ozone for five years. One patient who began with 907 
     CD4 cells showed an increase of CD4 cells to 1286 at the
     beginning of the third year and an increase of the CD4/CD8
     ratio. Although the follow-up supposedly lasted five years,
     there is no data past this point. 

     The second patient began with 309 CD4 cells, increased to
     831, but then stabilized between 500 & 700. After six years,
     this patient "suddenly" died of pneumonia and disseminated
     coccidiomycosis (a fungal inflection). 

     The CD4 cell trends mentioned in this report are nothing
     extraordinary considering the final outcomes. Both patients
     experienced transient increases in their CD4 cell counts and
     moderate increases in their CD4/CD8 ratios. There was no
     mention of whether or not other medications were used. This
     report does not provide a clear benefit of ozone therapy. 

     In addition to these extremely limited studies, there are
     supposedly hundreds of cases of people being "cured" with
     ozone including complete alleviation of symptoms and 
     becoming HIV negative (using ELISA, Western Blot, and PCR). 
     None of these reports has ever been substantiated. 
     Proponents of ozone claim that these reports cannot be made 
     public due to the fear that those doctors involved will have 
     their licenses revoked. However, nothing is preventing 
     patients with HIV/AIDS from coming forward and claiming that 
     they have been "cured."


     Until recently, it was thought that ozone therapy was at
     least a safe alternative, and attempts had not been made to
     discourage people from seeking it as an option. However,
     after two reported cases of death from ozone use, we at APLA
     strongly caution people about the risks involved with ozone
     therapy. The three main issues are safety, price, and

     Proponents of ozone repeatedly make accusations that the
     "medical establishment" is against ozone because it is an
     inexpensive approach and that finding a cure using ozone 
     will threaten pharmaceutical companies. The average cost of 
     a rectal ozone machine is $5000, while some "underground"
     physicians charge as much as $30,000 for IV ozone 
     treatments.  We have known of several people with HIV/AIDS 
     who purchased ozone machines and reported little to no 
     benefit. One ozone "doctor" in Mississippi claims to be 
     doing a "super secret" study with the government. This 
     "doctor" said that "all the patients need to know is it'll 
     cost them about $1000 a week and they don't have to worry 
     about anything after that. They have to worry about their 
     board and room, but that's about all." If it wasn't for the 
     study, this therapy would cost $4,000 a week. When 
     questioned about which governmental agency was sponsoring 
     the study, he responded, "I'm not at liberty to  say who's 
     doing it." The decision is yours to decide who is really 

     In an article by Ed McCabe in AIDS Patient Care (December
     1992), McCabe claims that "over 300 AIDS patients" have
     become HIV negative through using ozone. In an attempt to
     verify this information, we asked McCabe if we could speak
     with people who have become HIV negative. We were provided
     with four names of people, two men who became HIV PCR
     negative and two men who became p24 negative (which is not
     incredibly significant). The protocol these men received
     included hydrogen peroxide baths, chelation ("a method of
     removing toxins from the blood"), nutritional supplements,
     hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and a variety of other herbs and
     homeopathic substances. One of the men who became p24
     negative reported feeling better immediately afterwards  but
     no sustained benefit six months later. The other said he
     probably felt better just because it was an opportunity for
     him to get away from work and his home for a while. He also
     reported that the "doctor" in Mississippi who administered
     the therapy was not a real doctor, and that after being told
     he would be treated for free was charged $1,000 for lab 

     Of the two men who were reported to become HIV PCR negative,
     one reported that he was not PCR negative but feels ozone 
     has been beneficial in some way. The other man could not be
     contacted after repeated phone calls and messages. All three
     men contacted mentioned how upset they were that McCabe
     claims that people are being "cured" and becoming HIV
     negative from using ozone therapy. Ed McCabe is a journalist
     who lectures around the world promoting ozone therapy 
     through his books and videos. 

     Safety remains to be the most important issue. We have been
     told of two deaths that were a direct result of intravenous
     ozone therapy. These two people were receiving ozone therapy
     from a particular "doctor" who practiced in San Francisco 
     and Las Vegas. This "doctor" is unable to be reached for an
     interview. One of these cases is currently under

     To date, there are no studies that can clearly demonstrate
     how ozone works. In addition, there are no human studies 
     that have shown that ozone can be effective. Reports of 
     people becoming HIV negative have not been confirmed. With 
     reports of two deaths as a result of IV ozone therapy, the 
     safety, as well as the trust of those who administer and 
     promote ozone therapy, remains questionable. 


     Bocci, V: Ozonization of blood for the therapy of viral
     diseases and immunodeficiencies. A hypothesis Medical
     Hypotheses. 39:30-34, 1992. 

     Carpendale, MT; Freeberg, JK: Ozone inactivates HIV at
     noncytotoxic concentrations. Antiviral Research. 16(3): 281-
     292, 1991. 

     Carpendale, MT; Freeberg, J; Griffiss, JM: Does ozone
     alleviate AIDS diarrhea? Journal of Clinical
     Gastroenterology. 17(2): 142- 145, 1993.

     Carpendale, MT; Griffiss, J: Is there a role for medical
     ozone in the treatment of HIV and associated infection?
     Proceedings of XI Ozone World Congress, September 1993. 

     Fowkes, SW: Oxidative Medicine. Forefront Health
     Investigations. 6(6): 1-8, 1991. 

     McCabe, E: Ozone therapies for AIDS. AIDS Patient Care.
     December 1992.

     Wells, KH; Latino, J.; Gavalchin, J.; et al: Inactivation of
     human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by ozone in vitro. 
     Blood. 78(7):1882-1890, 1991. 

     The information in this fact sheet is not medical advice. 
     The information is intended to help people with HIV/AIDS 
     make informed choices. Please consult with a physician 
     before making any decisions regarding treatments.

     Copyright (c) 1994 - AIDS Project Los Angeles. Noncommercial 
     reproduction encouraged.