OxyFile #30

 So you're thinking about trying ozone...

 NOTE: The following information is not to be construed as 
 medical advice, diagnosis or recommendation. Consult your 

 So you're thinking about trying ozone therapy!  

 It is important to know what you are getting yourself into.  
 Ozone is not a silver bullet.  It is a part of a whole lifestyle 
 change that you must undergo in order for it to be successful.

 As a start, it is imperative that you do some homework on both 
 Ozone and Oxygen Therapies.  A great starting point is Ed 
 McCabe's book called Oxygen Therapies.  It is available from 
 most health food stores at a cost of about $18.00.  Other good 
 reading is the Aids Control Diet by Mark Konlee and Keep Hope 
 Alive.  This book centres around "Immune Compromised People."  
 It discusses many of the non-traditional approaches including 
 ozone.  It is available from Keep Hope Alive at P.O. Box 27041, 
 West Allis, WI, 53227 or 414-548-4344.  The cost is $19.95 US 
 dollars.  There are also many articles available such as "The 
 Origin of Cancer Cells" by Dr. Otto Warburg at science/medical 
 libraries.  A very good source of information and products is 
 the Family News.  They publish a free newsletter which is 
 available by calling 1-800-284-6263.  Their mailing address is 
 9845 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL., 33138

 You should speak to people that use ozone as a therapy.  Does it 
 work for them?  What protocols do they follow?  If it didn't 
 work for them, ask how exactly they did it, for how long, and if 
 they made any lifestyle changes.  You should also approach your 
 doctor and see what he/she thinks about it.  Remember that many 
 doctors haven't heard about it.  Refer them to doctors that 
 understand the concept and/or use ozone therapy.

 Ozone is a part of a whole lifestyle change.  If you don't think 
 that you can commit yourself to change, then don't consider 
 ozone.  Change requires time, effort and patience.  It is not 
 something that will come and go in a matter of months.  As the 
 oxygen supply in the cities slowly diminish, more and more 
 people will get sick.  You have to safeguard yourself from 
 getting sicker by oxygenating your body.  You cannot get well in 
 just a few weeks.

 Once you have done your homework, it's time to think about an 
 approach.  You must first examine your way of life.  What types 
 of food do you eat?  Do you smoke and drink?  Are you taking any 
 types of drugs, either prescription or non-prescription?  Have 
 you had chemotherapy?

 These are all factors that you must consider before anything 
 else.  The body is 2/3 water.  How dirty this water is depends 
 on how you have lead your life.  The more junk food you've 
 eaten; the more that you've smoked and drank; the more drugs 
 you've put in your body; the dirtier the water in your body.  
 The dirtier the water, the longer it will take ozone to do it's 

 You're going to have to make some changes.  The healthier you 
 eat, the better off you are going to be.  You should consider 
 switching to a vegetarian diet, or at least eliminating some 
 meat from your diet.  Most of the meat products that are 
 available are full of toxins.  In order to meet the demand of 
 our growing population, farmers have turned to drugs to quicken 
 the growing process.  Meat is also difficult for the human body 
 to digest.  Some red meats will fester in your digestive system 
 for days on end.

 Juicing is a great way to fill the body with needed materials 
 for proper health.  You must watch which fruits and vegetables 
 you purchase though.  Except for locally grown organic fruits 
 and vegetables, pesticides are use to control bugs.  Even 
 organic products shipped in from the United States must be 
 sprayed before entering Canada.  Make sure you wash all fruits 
 and vegetables prior to eating/juicing them.  A 3% solution of 
 food grade hydrogen peroxide and pure water is great for this 
 purpose.  Aloe vera is an excellent source of nutrients.

 If you smoke and drink, you should stop.  If you are a non-
 prescription drug user, you should stop.  You should examine 
 which prescribed drugs you are on as well.  If you are taking 
 AZT or DDI, this will not be compatible with the ozone process.  
 The ozone will spend it's time getting rid of the drugs, rather 
 than making you better.  Antibiotics are also bad for your 
 system.  Over a period of time, they depress the immune system.  
 You will find that the ozone itself will act as an antibiotic, 
 while enhancing your immune system.  You must also stop burning 
 the candle at both ends.  The body needs it's proper rest 
 periods.  If you're not prepared to institute these changes, 
 then don't attempt ozone.

 What water do you drink and bathe in?  Both should be as pure as 
 possible.  It is suggested that you drink ozonated water, 
 distilled water, or reverse osmosis water processed through a 
 reverse osmosis unit.  You should attach a shower filter to 
 eliminate chlorine from your shower/bathing water.  The skin 
 will absorb up to 8 times as much chlorine in a shower or bath 
 as you get from drinking water daily.

 You may want to try 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as an 
 inexpensive start to oxygenating your body.  This will not be an 
 easy task.  As your dose increases, you may find that your 
 stomach will become upset.  This is normal.  (For dosage 
 schedule, refer to Ed McCabe's book Oxygen Therapies.)  Bathing 
 in H202 is an easier way to do it, using up to 2 pints of H202 
 35% Food Grade per tub full, soaking for 30 minutes.  This is a 
 great starting point, but for more serious diseases, it will not 
 be the only thing that will bring you back to good health.  Oral 
 drinking products such as Oxy Toddy and Super Oxy should also be 

 If you have decided Ozone is the way to go, there are some 
 things you should think about.  An average set-up will cost you 
 about $3,000.  This includes the price of an ozone generator, an 
 oxygen regulator, and the rental of an oxygen tank.  There are 
 different types of ozone generators on the market.  The best 
 method uses a glass tube.  This prevents any types of toxins 
 from being emitted into the ozone during the electrical process.  
 Some are made with either aluminium or stainless steel tubes 
 which are not considered as pure as glass.  Other types of 
 generators available on the market are: ultraviolet tubes (which 
 degrade quickly over time, are costly to replace, and don't put 
 off the concentrations needed for medical uses), corona 
 discharge (which  have a limited lifetime due to arcing and heat 
 production), aluminium/ceramic wafer (which can outgas aluminium 
 particles).  The dual dio-electric units are an also very good, 
 but are very expensive.  Inquire about warranty before you 
 purchase your unit.

 After the initial outlay, you can expect to go through about $30 
 worth of oxygen per month.  For IV injections, you must use 
 bottled medical grade oxygen only.  For other treatments such as 
 rectal insufflations, you can get away with using an oxygen 
 concentrator, but they are expensive.

 The more serious the disease, the more aggressively you have to 
 approach ozone therapy.  There are many accepted ways to 
 introduce ozone into the body.  Some of these include: drinking 
 ozonated water; ozone body bagging; breathing ozone bubbled 
 through olive oil; rectal insufflations; direct IV injection 
 into a vein; and autohemotherapy.

 For the first few months, you have to be able to set aside time 
 for yourself and ozone.  As said before, ozone therapy is not a 
 silver bullet.  It is a lot of work and dedication.  At first, 
 you can expect to spend at least a couple of hours a day doing 
 ozone.  If you decide to attempt direct IV injections, how do 
 you plan to facilitate this?  Do you have someone qualified to 
 do this for you, or are you going to attempt to do this to 
 yourself?  Self-injection is not easy, and requires practice.  
 It will take you at least a week to perfect this.  You can also 
 expect to have bruised arms before getting it right.  You must 
 also consider that you may be doing an injection twice a day for 
 several weeks.  Direct IV ozone must be given very slowly, and 
 the patient must be laying down in a prone position.

 You must also be prepared to perform some sort of colonic 
 (enema) process to clean your colon.  As the body detoxifies, 
 you must ensure that your colon is kept clean and free of the 
 toxins.  If you are considering rectal insufflations, you must 
 clean yourself out (using an colonic/enema) prior to using the 
 ozone, each and every time.  For some, this is not a pleasant 
 thought, but a necessity in ozone therapy.  A series of colonics 
 with a trained therapist is advised before you begin.

 Do not expect to feel good for awhile.  As ozone starts to do 
 it's job, you may experience one or more of the following: 
 unusual fatigue; fever; night sweats; diarrhea; nausea.  Ozone 
 will generally force toxins out of the body the way they were 
 put in.  The more toxic your body is, the stronger these 
 reactions will be.  This initial detoxification process could 
 last for several weeks to several months.  Do not despair, you 
 will feel better eventually.

 You can expect to see results, but only if you're committed to 
 the cause.  It will not  be easy, but you will see results.  
 After the initial detoxification, you will have to go on a 
 maintenance program.  This will also be dependent on the 
 individual person.  Ozone will always be apart of your new life, 
 but it will be that of a healthy life.