OxyFile #29

Reprinted with kind permission from Nexus Magazine

Video Review

 Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of AIDS and HIV

 Produced by MPI Productions/Global Artists Productions (1993)
 P.O. Box 187
 Hollywood CA

 Price: USD $29.95  (46 mins, PAL/VHS or NTSC/VHS)

 Available: MPI Productions

 Regular readers of Nexus will know how committed we are on the 
 subject of oxygen therapies.  Thus it is great to be able to 
 review such a professionally produced and presented documentary 
 on ozone therapy used in the treatment of AIDS and HIV.

 This programme includes interviews with Dr. John Pittman, a 
 leader in ozone and AIDS in the US, Ed McCabe, author of Oxygen 
 Therapies, and Brad Anderson, an HIV-positive individual who has 
 successfully used ozone therapy to rid his body of all signs of 

 It covers how ozone is administered, its effectiveness and 
 results, and also looks at why the FDA is confiscating ozone 
 generators in the USA.

 An excellent video and thoroughly recommended.