OxyFile #28

 TI    European AIDS Research Ignored

 DT    871026

 AU    Fr. Richard Wilhelm B.Sc.

 SO    Spotlight Newspaper

 TX        Dr. Horst Keif is curing AIDS victims in the Munich 
       area of West Germany, by hyperoxygenating their blood with 
       ozone, which destroys the AIDS virus on contact.
           The same basic process appears to be also effective 
       against hepatitis, Herpes, the Epstein-Barr virus and the 
       Cytomegalovirus, as well as providing a simple method of 
       purifying stored blood and blood components, and 
       preoxygenating blood to be transfused.  Some of the 
       medical uses of ozone have been appreciated for years in 
       Europe and elsewhere but are still relatively unknown in 
       the United States.
           The treatment itself is remarkably simple: The ozone 
       is produced by forcing oxygen through a metal tube 
       carrying a 300-volt charge.  A pint of blood is drawn from 
       the patient and placed in an infusion bottle.  The ozone 
       is then forced into the bottle and thoroughly mixed by 
       shaking gently, whereupon the blood turns bright red.
           As the ozone molecules dissolve into the blood they 
       give up their third oxygen atom, releasing considerable 
       energy, which inactivates all lipid-envelope virus while 
       leaving blood cells unharmed.
           Ozone overcomes AIDS virus by a fundamentally 
       different process than usually attempted with drugs.  
       Instead of burdening the liver and immune system with more 
       elaborate toxic substances, ozone simply oxidizes the 
       molecules in the shell of the virus, rendering it 
       incapable of spreading.
           It also oxygenates the blood to a greater degree than 
       is usually reached, what with poor air and sluggish 
       breathing habits.  The treated blood is then given back to 
       the patient.  This treatment is given from twice a week to 
       twice a day, depending on how advanced the disease is.  
       The strengthened blood confers some of its virucidal 
       properties to the rest of the patient's blood as it 
           The disease will not return, as long as the patient 
       maintains his blood in an oxygen-positive state, through 
       proper breathing, exercise and diet.
           The major U.S. news media and the medical 
       establishment seem to be ignoring this line of research.  
       Meanwhile hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent 
       to "try to find a cure," which supposedly won't be 
       available for years, if ever.