OxyFile #27

 TI   Ozone Therapy: Advanced Immune Discoveries Symposium,

 YR   1990.

 CN   Human Energy Press.

 PB   Foster City, CA: Human Energy Press.

 AB   This sound recording is a description and history of the 
      use of ozone to treat Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 
      (AIDS). Treatment results when ozone is used alone, and 
      when it is used with Vitamin C, are analyzed.
      Other than potential damage if the ozone is used for too 
      long, there are no side effects. The speaker feels that 
      Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not the sole cause of 
      AIDS, but rather a complimentary factor to the real causes.

 LG   EN - English.

 ED   901201.

 DU   901201.
 SOURCE: National AIDS Clearinghouse