OxyFile #21

 From the "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video.  
 Threshold Film Inc. August 1993

 Captain Mike Shannon M.D.
 Director Medical Operations
 Canadian National Defence

 Speaking on the video:

 "I was shocked to discover that people traveled to various 
 clinics in Germany from virtually all over the world paying 
 between two and three thousand dollars cash on the table 
 American for six treatments - incredible."

 "Here I'm faced with a range of potential clinical 
 applications, a huge number of people are using it, a 
 patient base that's worldwide paying big money for something 
 - there's got to be something in this.  What is it?"

 "We certainly demonstrated that Ozone was capable of 
 deactivating the virus, but to our surprise, right out at 
 the absolute limits of concentration, so ten to the power of 
 six virus particles per cc, we still deactivated everything.  
 So very, very marked demonstration or profound demonstration 
 of the potential as an anti-viral agent here, and of course 
 we're dealing not with concentrations that are toxic to the 
 human, but in fact, concentrations of ozone that have been 
 used in Germany in clinics for the last 30 years with 
 thousands of patients, without any evidence of any harm."

 Inadvertently, we discovered that this particular type of 
 therapy has an incredible effect, a very, very profound 
 effect in terms of managing pain.  I mean it had a very 
 potent analgesic effect.  And secondly, we were able to 
 discover that blood that's ozonized actually triggers off 
 the production of interlukin two (sorry, spelling may not be 
 correct), one of the immune regulators.  So here we were 
 sitting on a very simplistic technology that had promise of 
 literally blowing the lid off of certainly North American 
 medicine, or North American pharmaceutics anyways."

 "When these people stand up and say that this is what they 
 found, in all likelihood, the pillars of the establishment 
 will start to shake a little bit anyways.  It may still be 
 perceived as slightly off the wall and maybe they should go 
 back and check their data again, but chances are they're 
 going to catch the interest and imagination of a few anyways 
 who will replicate it and it will start to unfold."

 From the "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video.  
 Threshold Film Inc. August 1993

 Dr. Michael Carpendale
 Chief of Rehabilitative Medicine
 Veterans Administration Hospital
 San Francisco

 From the video:

 Michael Carpendale has conducted scientific research with 
 ozone for 22 years.  In 1988, he co-authored startling new 
 evidence presented at the AIDS conference in Stockholm.

 "We worked on the AIDS virus to try and see how quickly we 
 could inactivate this and at the same time compare it to 
 what effect that had on a healthy white blood cell, and we 
 found that we could produce an enormous inactivation of the 
 virus, reducing it from a million verions down to no viruses 
 at all at say 4 micrograms of ozone and twice that dose had 
 no adverse effect on the healthy white blood cell."

 In the FDA, drug companies have representatives on nearly 
 all the committees.  If there's something that may be very 
 effective and may under sell the average drug company, of 
 course their not going to be very pleased if that gets 
 developed.  It might be very difficult for them to compete 
 with that, and ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce, 
 it's very potent, and if it works...if it works as half as 
 well as the Germans claim it is, we should...everyone should 
 be using it."

 From the "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video.  
 Threshold Film Inc. August 1993

 Dr. Robert Atkins  M.D.
 Atkins Centre for Complementary Medicine
 New York

 From the video:

 "Well, I had an ozone generator, and we used it on all our 
 AIDS patients, just about all our cancer patients, and we 
 used it on the yeast patients which was really the largest 
 group.  Generally we gave it intravenously, but what's 
 called autohemotherapy, where we pull the blood out, mix the 
 blood with ozone, and in a few minutes gave ozonated blood 
 back to the patient.

 We found that our cancer protocol, which includes ozone, was 
 effective and was keeping people alive, and without ever 
 having to require pain medicine, without loosing weight, 
 without any sign of deterioration.  And then when we lost 
 our ozone machine, the patients began to go down hill.

 The FDA saw to it that our manufacturer had to take away the 
 business end of the machine, so we no longer had an 
 effective ozone generating machine.  That's where we are 
 right now currently.  I'm right now trying to figure out how 
 to get around that cause I believe, that my patients, need 

 The process of putting things through the FDA is so 
 expensive that no small company has a chance.  Any small 
 company that wants to put something through the FDA would 
 have to be bought up by a large conglomerate in the 
 pharmaceutical industry.  And this, I think, is true in 
 ozone as well.  There just wasn't enough money to fight the