OxyFile #18

 TI    The Influence of Ozone on Tumor Tissue In Comparison
       With Healthy Tissue (in vitro)

 DT    0789

 AU    J. Washuttl, R. Viebahn and I. Steiner

 SO    Ozone Science & Engineering.  Volume 12, pp. 65-72

 AB    In comparison with healthy tissue, freshly operated 
       carcinomatous ovarial tissue was treated in vitro with 
       ozone in a suitable medium using air as the reference.  In 
       an analogous test arrangement and for reference purposes, 
       the cytostatics Adriblastin (= Doxorubicin, an adriamycin) 
       and Holaxan (= Ifosfamide, a cyclophosphamide) were 
       included for the tumor tissue.  After preparation of the 
       tissue samples, the following substances were examined: 
       2,3-DPG, NAD (Nadide, DPN), Lecithin, Lysolecithin plus 
       different enzymes and metabolites both in the 
       mitochondrial fraction as well as, in the supernatant 
       layer, the following: LDH, HBDH, Aldolase, ICDH, F-6-PK, 
       cytochrome oxidase, Na, K, Ca and peroxidic metabolites.

       Statistically significant changes were found in tumor 
       tissue after the action of ozone in the mitochondrial 
       fraction in the case of NAD and 2,3-DPG, and in 
       lysolecithin were the supernatant substances were 
       concerned; this only applied to supernatant NAD in the 
       case of healthy tissue.

       In all other parameters examined, no form of statistical 
       change was found whatsoever in either healthy or tumorous