OxyFile #16

 TI    Ozone inactivates HIV at noncytotoxic concentrations
 DT    9104
 AU    Michael T.F. Carpendale and Joel K. Freeberg
 SO    Antiviral Research, 16 (1991) pp. 281-292
 AB    The inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and 
       cytotoxic properties of ozone-treated serum and serum-
       supplemented media were examined.  The titer of HIV 
       suspensions in human serum was reduced in a dose-dependent 
       manner when treated with total reacted ozone 
       concentrations at a range of 0.5 to 3.5 ug/ml(-1).  
       Complete inactivation of HIV suspensions was achieved by 
       4.0 ug/ml(-1) of ozone in the presence or absence of H-9 
       cells.  In contrast, cellular metabolism, as measured by 
       MTT dye cleavage, and DNA replication, as measured by BUdR 
       incorporation, were enhanced in H-9 cells grown in media 
       treated with quantities of ozone that completely 
       inactivate HIV.  The permissively HIV-infected cell line 
       HXB/H-9 was cultured in ozone-treated media for six days 
       with culture supernatants being sampled and assayed on 
       alternate days for HIV p24 core protein.  HIV p24 was 
       reduced in all treated cultures compared to control 
       cultures, with an average reduction of 46% [p24].