OxyFile #13

        Medizone International Completes Arrangements to 
     Manufacture Equipment for Use in Collaborative Clinical 
        Trials in Italy to Study Effect of Ozone Therapy on 
                  AIDS, Hepatitis B Patients.

 September 8, 1993, New York, New York...........Medizone 
 International, Inc. (OTC-MZEI) announced today the 
 completion of contractual arrangements for the manufacture 
 of he hardware components of five Medizone Drug Delivery 
 Systems.  This equipment is intended to be delivered to 
 Italy for use in a collaborative research project designed 
 to examine, in Phase 1 clinical trials, the efficacy of 
 ozone therapy and Medizone's patented technology in the 
 treatment of various blood-related human diseases, 
 including AIDS and Hepatitis B.

 Medizone President Dr. Joseph S. Latino explained that the 
 manufacture of the hardware components of the five Medizone 
 Drug Delivery Systems for shipment to Italy is a major step 
 towards fulfillment of the Company's obligations under the 
 collaborative arrangement.  The hardware, at an approximate 
 cost of $68,500, will incorporate, at an additional cost, 
 disposable gas exchange modules, devices within the scope 
 of the Company's proprietary thin film technology process.  
 By letter agreement with the Italian Scientific Society for 
 Oxygen-Ozone Therapy ("ISSOT") executed in March, 1993, the 
 Company also agreed to provide FDA approved protocols for 
 use by the research group, which was designated by the 
 Italian Ministry of Health to sponsor the project.  Dr. 
 Latino has been invited to join the research group.  
 Further communications with the ISSOT indicate that an 
 estimated 300 patients are expected to participate in the 
 trials, to be conducted at five university-based Italian 
 hospitals over a period of approximately nine months.

 In accordance with the treatment protocol, patients will 
 undergo a one-hour treatment procedure on alternate days 
 during the course of a twelve-week period.  The treatment 
 consists of the withdrawal of 300 cc. (approximately ten 
 ounces) of blood, to be interfaced with ozone/oxygen gas 
 through extracorporeal circulation (outside the body), and 
 then reinfused into the patient.  Patients will continue to 
 be clinically monitored for at least nine months after 
 completion of treatment.

 Dr. Latino reiterated the Company's recent announcement of 
 the successful completion of two stages of a Canadian 
 research project that demonstrated preliminary scientific 
 evidence supporting the use of Medizone's proprietary blood 
 decontamination technology in a live primate (monkey) 
 model, further evidencing the scientific rational toward 
 achieving human trial status.

 Medizone International Inc. is developing, Medizone(TM), an 
 ozone-based treatment for diseases caused by lipid 
 enveloped viruses, including Acquired Immunodeficiency 
 Syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis B, and herpes; and is also 
 developing its patented technology for the decontamination 
 of blood and blood products.