OxyFile #12

Medizone's Blood Decontamination Technology Proven Successful
                  in Canadian Monkey Trail.

 New York, June 2, 1993 -- Medizone International, Inc. (OTC) 
 today announced the successful completion of the first two 
 phases of a Canadian research project that has demonstrated 
 preliminary scientific evidence supporting the use of the 
 Company's proprietary blood decontamination technology in a 
 live, primate (monkey) model.

 In making the announcement, Medizone president, Dr. Joseph S. 
 Latino said, "To date, the research program has successfully 
 demonstrated that monkeys receiving blood fractionated plasma, 
 purposely infected with a highly virulent strain of Simian 
 Immunodeficiency virus (monkey equivalent to HIV), but treated 
 with Medizone's process, did not demonstrate any signs of 
 infection over the course of the study (35 days).  However, all 
 animals receiving similarly infected products without the 
 benefit of intervention of Medizone's decontamination technology 
 died within 12-14 days.

 "These preliminary research results indicate the capability of 
 Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to 
 inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral 
 contaminants, including the AIDS virus," Dr. Latino continued.

 This research project was under the direction of an 
 international collaborative team of scientists representing the 
 Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and 
 Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and 
 Medizone Canada Ltd.

 Medizone International, Inc. is developing, MEDIZONE 
 (Trademark), an ozone-based treatment for diseases caused by 
 lipid enveloped viruses, including Acquired Immunodeficiency 
 Syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis B, and herpes; and is also developing 
 its patented technology for the decontamination of blood and 
 blood products.