OxyFile #10


 By Waves Forest

 In the six years since "Hyper-Oxygenation" was first printed and 
 turned loose, considerable progress has been made with bio-
 oxidative therapies.  The main barrier to their broad adoption 
 is still the health industry's financial commitment to 
 conventional treatments which are far more profitable though 
 less effective.

 Oxygen therapies are catching on in many areas now.  A broad 
 assortment of treatments involving ozone, H202 and other active 
 oxygen supplements has gained practitioners among virtually all 
 medical specialties.  Yet the majority tend to maintain low 
 profiles to avoid running afoul of certain health officials who 
 get jumpy whenever abnormally high cure rates are reported.  So 
 for now any lists of physicians offering oxygen therapies will 
 be limited to those willing to take on whatever risks go with 
 being on such lists.  Nevertheless growing numbers of health 
 care providers are utilizing these unapproved but most effective 
 methodologies.  But as far as the mass media is concerned, 
 oxygen therapies do not exist and there's still no cure for 
 cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, etc.  Thus people whose news sources 
 are limited to the mass media, and who aren't lucky enough to 
 hear about ozone and H202 through some other channel, are out 
 there still suffering and dying needlessly.  What's spent on a 
 year's advertisements for cold remedies alone would eliminate 
 colds altogether, along with quite a few other disorders, if 
 invested in oxygen therapies.

 Until a complete update on these matters can be assembled, here 
 are some usage notes on oxygen water (H202 or hydrogen peroxide) 
 that weren't in the first report.  For oral use of H202, we've 
 found the "swish and swallow" method using 2% strength to be 
 much easier on the stomach than the original method of counting 
 drops of 35% (Food Grade) H202 into a glass of water, then 
 drinking that directly.  By taking about a third of a mouthful 
 of 2% H202 and swishing it around for a couple minutes before 
 swallowing it, the harsh taste of raw H202 is neutralized and 
 there is no unpleasant stomach reaction.  This can be done a few 
 times a day.  (2% is roughly one part 35% H202 to 17 parts 
 water.)  As with the original drop-counting method, one should 
 increase dosages gradually over a number of days, to minimize 
 any uncomfortable cleansing reactions which can result from 
 overburdening the elimination system.

 An additional pathway for absorbing H202, that we found after 
 the first two reports appeared, is vaporizing and breathing it.  
 We use from 1% to 3% strength and find it quite effective.  A 
 pot on a stove will work, or a vaporizer sturdy enough to handle 
 the slightly higher boiling point.  Since absorption is easier 
 with cooler temperatures and smaller mist particle sizes, the 
 ideal system would be a true fog generator, like the ones Mee 
 Industries sells for tropical greenhouses and such.  It'd cost a 
 bit, but not compared with most medical equipment, and imagine 
 what you could do for folks with respiratory ailments.  Just 
 don't wait for FDA approval; according to their press release on 
 H202, those of use who've been drinking it for years should all 
 be in big trouble by now, instead of enjoying wide-spectrum 

 On the AIDS front, an organization of physicians and patients 
 has formed up for the purpose of publicizing oxidative therapies 
 and removing legal barriers to their wider implementation.  
 Headed by Dr. John C. Pittman, CURE AIDS NOW (CAN) is at PO Box 
 4184, Salisbury, NC 28144-0102; 919-571-8968.  The allied 
 organization IBOM (International Bio-Oxidative Medicine 
 Foundation), headed by Dr. Charles Farr, is at PO Box 13205, 
 Oklahoma City, OK 73113-1205; 405-478-4266.  IBOM can provide 
 referrals to physicians trained in delivering H202 IV's and 
 other oxidative therapies.

 This interim report is from NOW WHAT, PO Box 768, Monterey, CA