OxyFile #6

 Oxygen, Ozone and Medicine

  As we look around in the world from our vantage point in North 
 America, we see intransigent civil wars and bloody tribal 
 conflicts, economic instability, increasing exploitation of 
 natural resources, mounting population and mounting pollution.  
 There is an epidemic of AIDS and an epidemic of cancer.  
 Tuberculosis is rising again, and new viral infections seem to 
 pop up weekly, as in the native population in the southwest last 
 fall, and the flesh eating staphylococcus.

 The situation seems to grow worse daily and the modern doctor 
 has tools of little power to combat these rising health 
 concerns.  Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, 
 prescription drugs kill at least 150,000 people a year in the 
 US, and the chemical/drug companies lobby harder than ever to 
 eliminate the competition--vitamins and natural herbs and the 
 naturopaths that prescribe them. Health care in America costs an 
 estimated two billion dollars each and every day, yet the 
 population grows sicker yet.

 Into this gloomy scenario has come a breath of fresh air--an old 
 and proven treatment that American doctors mostly abandoned, but 
 European doctors nurtured and developed.  That treatment is 
 medical ozone.  It was first used over one hundred years ago and 
 found to be of great value.

 In 1896, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla patented an ozone 
 generator and in 1900 founded the Tesla Ozone Co.  Many doctors 
 treated patients with Tesla's ozone and got excellent results.  
 However, the corrosiveness of the gas to rubber equipment made 
 ozone treatment unpopular with American physicians, and most had 
 dropped it by the thirties under pressure from the AMA.  Tesla 
 developed another type of ozone generator in the twenties, based 
 on a cold plasma principle, but the materials for handling it 
 still did not exist.  Also in the twenties, Tesla developed 
 magnesium dioxide and gave it to Dr. Blass, who used it with 
 good results, marketing it as Homozone.

 In Germany, during the First World War, a Dr. A. Wolff used 
 ozone on a variety of problems, from gangrene to trench foot to 
 chlorine gas burns to influenza, with great effect.  His work 
 and results were written up in German medical journals of the 

 But it was not until the fifties, through the efforts of Dr. 
 Hansler in Germany, that ozone came into its own.  With the aid 
 of modern materials including resistant plastics, and with the 
 development of modern ozone generators, it became possible to 
 safely handle and administer medical ozone.

 Since that time, over ten million patients have been treated 
 with ozone, with many millions of doses given, by more than 
 7,000 doctors.  It has proven to be the safest medical treatment 
 of all time, with less than ten deaths in fifty years, and with 
 less than 1500 people found to be allergic to ozone in all that 

 Medical ozone has already proven effective against over 100 
 diseases, and the list grows daily.  Since no anaerobic 
 bacteria, virus, protozoa or fungus can live in a high oxygen 
 atmosphere, all diseases caused by these agents are curable with 
 ozone.  Patients with cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, arthritis, 
 heart disease, stroke, etc., are cured by therapeutic 
 applications of ozone almost without exception, and without 
 serious side effects.

 These are the facts regarding medical ozone use in Europe.  
 President Reagan received ozone treatment for cancer when he was 
 in Germany in 1986.  Members of the FDA have taken their wives 
 to Germany for treatment of breast cancer.  NATO has adopted 
 ozone for cleaning the blood supply, and the Canadian Armed 
 Forces are about to.

 Ozone, because of its powerful antiviral / antibacterial / 
 antiprotozoal abilities is the treatment of choice for the water 
 supply in over 3000 municipalities around the world, including 
 almost all the major cities: Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Zurich, 
 Amsterdam, Florence, Singapore, New York, Tampa, Dallas, Los 
 Angeles, etc.  It is also employed to treat sewage to such high 
 standards that it is often returned to the input in true 
 recycling.  It is becoming the top option for industry to clean 
 its waste, and in the case of pulp mills, mandatory. ozone is 
 replacing chlorine throughout the world, as the carcinogenic 
 dangers of organochlorides are being realized.  We are not far 
 away from a worldwide ban on the production of chlorine, which 
 will rid us of a dangerous environmental pollutant.  There are 
 over 100 cities using ozone in the U.S. today with many more 

 But on the medical front, the FDA fights a cynical battle 
 against doctors who are determined that their patients shall not 
 die of AIDS or cancer or ALS or MS or any of the multitude of 
 other diseases that ozone cures, but which no chemical drug 
 touches.  But no matter how hard the FDA persecutes these 
 healers, the tide is turning and the outcome is inevitable.  
 Medical ozone treatment will take its rightful place as the 
 leading therapeutic remedy.

 Recently, there has been a last-ditch effort by the drug 
 companies to slur ozone as harmful to humans, by promulgating a 
 huge propaganda effort about so-called anti-oxidants.  A flood 
 of vitriol has been poured out to make people believe that 
 oxygen is harmful to the system, that it causes cell damage and 
 ageing due to being a free radical.  Let us examine these 

 The human body is composed of nearly 60% oxygen, about the same 
 as the composition of the earth's crust.  The human body is 
 about 70% water, also about the same as the surface of the 
 earth.  We can survive for about a week without water, and for 
 about a month without food, but we can only live for a few 
 minutes if we are deprived of oxygen.  It is our body's most 
 critical need.  Oxygen is involved in all the major processes in 
 the body, from respiration to digestion to assimilation to 
 elimination to reproduction.  If we have insufficient oxygen in 
 our system, these critical functions will operate poorly, and 
 our health will suffer.

 If there is insufficient oxygen for the cell to burn sugar for 
 energy, the carbon in the sugar will be changed into carbon 
 monoxide, instead of carbon dioxide.  Carbon monoxide is very 
 difficult for the body to eliminate and so it build up in the 
 body, irritating the organs, and lowering body temperature. The 
 body fights diseases by raising the temperature briefly, which 
 we call fever, in order to "burn out the bug."

 Poorly oxygenated cells are good news to an oxygen-shunning 
 anaerobic bacteria or a virus.  With less oxygen available than 
 they need, cells are unable to make their defensive enzyme 
 shields strong enough, and viruses can invade and force the cell 
 to replicate viruses.  The defensive enzyme shields produced by 
 healthy cells are composed of four major enzymes: super oxide 
 dismutase, reductase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase.  As 
 long as the cell maintains this enzyme shield, viruses cannot 
 penetrate them and ozone cannot harm them.

 Disease microbes have no enzyme shields.  When medical ozone is 
 introduced into the area, it attacks microbes without a coating 
 and diseased cells with deficient cell wall enzymes.  It 
 oxidizes them, allowing them to be cleared from the body and 
 replaced with new healthy cells.

 Free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons, a natural 
 occurrence in biochemical reactions.  There could be no life 
 without free radicals.  The properties of free radicals vary 
 widely: some are toxic to all living cells, others only to the 
 most vulnerable cells.  Singlet oxygen, 01, is a highly reactive 
 free radical that acts as a scavenger of other free radicals.  
 The oxygen combines with them to render them harmless, thereby 
 protecting cells from damage.

 The so-called anti-oxidant enzymes are gaining in popularity as 
 nutritional supplements.  They are not antioxidant at all, but 
 rather are either free radical scavengers, or enzyme enhancers. 
 They have been shown to help protect marginally healthy cells 
 from general free radical damage.  Super oxide dismutase in 
 particular has helped reduce a variety of disorders: normally it 
 is among the body's most plentiful enzymes.  However, prolonged 
 use of supplements could tend to atrophy the internal 
 biochemical processes that would normally be making these 
 enzymes.  In any case, it does not address the cause of the 
 problem: oxygen starvation at the cellular level, which makes 
 the cells too weak to make the enzymes that protect them from 

 The wide application of ozone in medicine is based on the simple 
 principle that diseased cells cannot exist in the presence of 
 ozone, and that cells cannot become diseased if they are 
 supplied with sufficient oxygen

 In the end, if there were any truth at all to ozone or oxygen 
 therapy being harmful to humans, the evidence would have become 
 clear forty years ago. There is no such evidence, proving the 
 absolute safety of medical ozone.  Later generations will look 
 back in amazement at the unbelievable opposition mounted against 
 such a safe and efficacious medical treatment.


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 time.  With the advent of modern materials, and some ingenious 
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