OxyFile #4

 Menendez S, Iglesias O, Bidot C, Puga R, Carballo. Application 
 of ozone therapy in children with humoral immunity deficiency.

 From the National Center for Scientific Research, Ozone Research 
 Center, P.O. Box 6880, Havana, Cuba.

 Abstract: Some bacteria and toxins are not phagocytized by the 
 reticuloendothelial cells, but instead must be destroyed in some 
 other way. Fortunately, the body has still another line of 
 defense called immunity. The blood and other body fluids contain 
 special proteins called antibodies, that react chemically with 
 the invading organisms or toxins to destroy them. Antibodies are 
 gamma globulins, called immunoglobulins and represent 20% of all 
 the plasmatic proteins. It has recently been demonstrated the 
 stimulating effects of ozone in the immune system and also its 
 immunomodulatory properties, according to doses. The aim of this 
 research was to evaluate the effects, that ozone therapy exerts, 
 in different immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG and IgM) of children with 
 humoral immunity deficiency. 61 out-patients, between 1 and 5 
 years, with humoral immunity deficiency (98% with IgA 
 deficiency) were studied. Those children suffered, frequently 
 head cold, tonsillitis, adenoiditis, otitis, asthma and 
 pneumonia. Ozone was applied (5 days a week) by rectal 
 insufflation, at age dependent doses, during 3 weeks. During 
 treatment, no other medication was used. Different 
 immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG and IgM) were measured at the 
 beginning and at the end of treatment. For the statistical 
 significances, Wilcoxon Sum Rank Test was applied. Increases in 
 IgA and IgG values, with high statistical significant 
 differences (p<10(-4)), were achieved. Also IgM values 
 increased, with statistical significant differences (p<0.05). 
 IgA, IgG and IgM initial and final mean values are shown in 
 table 1.

                         Table 1



 Immunoglobulins   Initial Mean Value   Final Mean Value     P


   IgA             0.55 p/m 0.01        1.66 p/m 0.07     <10(-4)

   IgG             8.10 p/m 0.29       14.89 p/m 0.61     <10(-4)

   IgM             0.96 p/m 0.06        1.81 p/m 0.07     <0.05


 In all patients, humoral immunity was normalized, taking into 
 account the different immunoglobulins values according to age. 
 In all patients, clinical improvements were also achieved. 6 
 months after finishing the treatment, no relapse was found and 
 all the children increased, in weight and size, in more than 50% 
 percentile. Ozone therapy, by rectal insufflation was well 
 tolerated, and no side effects were achieved.