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Arzt - Instituto de Medicina Integral
Eduardo Almeida - MD, PhD
Rua Lopes Trovo 52/803 - Icarai
Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro
55 21 6120698
55 21 6161855 Fax


  • Monday to Friday - 8am - 6 pm


  • O2 multistep
  • H2O2
  • Hyperbaric AutonemoOzonetherapy
  • Colon Ozonetherapy
  • Minor Autohemotherapy
  • Local Ozonetherapy


    Holistic clinic that uses the therapeutic spectrum of the biologic German medicine

Clinica Tabacow sc ltda
Dra Marca Maria Tabacow Gomes, N.D.

R Alcides Ricardini Neves n 12 5Andar conj 514
So Paulo, SP
Brazil, 04614000
011 55052615
011 55052615 Fax


  • Hyperbaric Chambers

Heinz Konrad, M.D.
Rua Dona Eponina 80
Sao Paulo, SP, 04720-010
+55 11 5687 4918
+55 11 5687 1275 Fax


  • Ozone therapy in all possible forms
  • Ozone therapy for Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster
  • Ozone therapy for viral Hepatitis, type A, B or C
  • Ozone therapy for obstructive arterial diseases
  • Ozone therapy for other viral diseases
  • Pain Management

Clinic Hours:

  • Weekdays from 1500 to 1900 hrs


Dr. Konrad started ozone therapy back in 1975, and has one of the world's largest experiences in this specialty. He is the author of the first report ever on ozone therapy for HERPES, published in 1981, and many other papers, regarding ozone therapy for HERPES (simplex and zoster) and HEPATITIS.

Dr. Konrad works in his private medical office. Contacts and appointments can be made by e-mail : . Patients from other cities or countries have full priority for appointments. Accommodation in flats or hotels near his office can be provided.