Testimonials - William Cox

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Date: Saturday February 28, 1998

I read the book by Ed McCabe

In 1989 I took a trip to France & England. I returned home with what I thought was a virus. If I ate meat at night then I would wake up every night every hour. I went to several doctors had many tests, tried a Naturopath, but with no success. Then I read the book by Ed McCabe & I decided to try Peroxide.

Before long I was sleeping again, but there were side affects - all good.

I had seen a doctor about my knee - he was going to operate on it. The symptoms disappeared. I was getting cramps in my legs - this is now rare or at least 90% better. I had started to get symptoms of prostate problems the blockage has almost gone.

I started cautiously about three years ago & I'm very happy with the side affects.

If H2O is water Then would it be correct to say that H2 O2 is water with more oxygen. Sounds better than Hydrogen Peroxide

William Cox