Testimonials - Vera

Date: Sunday, October 19, 1997

Shortly after moving into our new home, I developed intense headaches that were unrelenting. Doctors had no answers. Tests were all negative. MDs tried many (repeat - many) drugs to no avail. I tried eliminating things I thought might be problematic. No change.

Finally a neurologist put me on a combination of drugs that reduced the headaches from continuous to about one per week (sometimes lasted 4 days).

Finally a D.C. who had become a friend from treating me for so long and so often brought an air purifier to my home. I really didn't think I would be interested but thought I'd humour him by trying it. Then after reading the literature, I began to realize my headaches were due to all the "junk" in my home! I will not be without my purifier ever again! I'm off the drugs and feeling great, have learned there are some places I just can't go without becoming ill. It works. The type I use is the ionizer/ozone combination system. Have one for my car and take it when traveling. One of my doctors is now sending patients to me for info. Can't believe I found an answer the M.D.s couldn't! Sometimes we have to take charge of our own situation.