Testimonials - Tom Green

Date: Friday, August 8, 1997

On June 6, 1997 my foot became trapped in the coupling of a freight train. I was told to try Ozone therapy in a bucket before listening to the doctors who were pushing for amputation. I didn't listen because I'd never heard of this before and thought it had to be impossible.

Because I didn't listen, I lost three toes. One week ago I listened to my girlfriend and went for a treatment. Within 15 minutes I had feeling back in the two remaining toes which had none beforehand and loosening of the ankle which had become very stiff.

I went back two days later for another treatment. I left it in an hour this time and where I was on crutches upon entering the office, I was able to put weight on the foot and walk carefully without the crutches. Also it appears the lesions are healing at a much faster pace.

I am now trying the treated olive oil on the lesions to see if that will help the healing even faster. So far, I am quite confident that there is a great deal of benefit from this technology and would recommend it to anyone suffering from anything. It works.