Testimonials - Suzanne Fisher

Date: Monday, April 5, 1999

Dr. Grace Ziem first prescribed the Von Ardenne protocol (similar to hyperbaric oxygen therapy) in 1997. I was injured by pesticide poisoning (RoundUp herbicide) in 1996. It had damaged over 90% of my red blood cells along with my body's ability to make new ones. Thus, the oxygen my brain and body were receiving were minimal. Arterial and venous blood gases done then showed an arterial reading of 96% and a venous reading of over 78%! After almost nine weeks of 6 LPM for two hours a day, I could do exertional things without blacking out. I could think and talk correctly again. My hand no longer picked up the wrong thing, and the dyslexia that mixed up my words and the letters in my words went away.

I have had to do the therapy again, as petroleum-based chemicals have caused the problems to recur, but the Von Ardenne protocol has gotten me to the point of not needing supplemental oxygen except during or after exposures. I am thankful for the respite in between treatments. I have only required three 8-week stints on the oxygen therapy since fall of 1997