Testimonials - Suzanne Clark

Date: Saturday July 25, 1998

Testimonial: I am a 50 year old lady who is blue-eyed and blonde. For years I have had problems with my sensitive skin and eyes. Doctors couldn't tell me what was causing my chronic conjunctivitis. It was not bacterial in origin, but was actually caused by rosacea, a common condition among fair skinned people. I'm not sure about the mechanisms of Rosacea, but I suspect it is due to sun damage. There may be a common mite involved in the process. At any rate, I noticed when I was younger and lightened my hair considerably that the inflammation would abate temporarily. So I kept my hair very light. I couldn't understand this phenomenon, but was glad something helped. I stopped lightening my hair last year and my Rosacea really flared up. My hair is getting very thin and I thought it was due to the damaging effects of the peroxide. I decided to put the peroxide directly on my skin and use 40 volume peroxide available at beauty supply stores. The results were not as good as ruining my hair, but were considerably better than nothing! I noticed my fingernails strengthening, so I use it on my nails for fungal and bacterial overgrowth. It's just great stuff!

I was concerned about harmful side effects and that's how I found this web site. Hydrogen Peroxide is a good treatment for acne and rosacea and I would like to continue to put it on my scalp but I'm not sure if it is damaging my scalp and causing hair loss. My doctor says I have androgenic alopecia causing my hair loss.