Testimonials - Steve Brown

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Date: 19 August, 1996

Hi! I'm a real person that was suffering greatly with systemic candidasis and rheumatoid arthritis back in 1985. My pain from the arthritis was so severe that I could NOT turn doorknobs, type on my Mac, write notes, SLEEP, perform my business functions, etc. I hadn't slept without waking up a million times (it seemed like it!) for over three months. My Candida critters had made it impossible to remember where I was going in a car, where my keys were at any given moment, who the heck I was talking to on the phone or standing in front of me, and on and on.

One day, an old friend of the family named Bob L. called from California to check up on things. My parents told him what state I was in. He then relayed the story about how his (are you sitting down??) prostate cancer, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, floaters and cataracts, Candida, and ALCOHOLISM. . . was GONE - all in about two MONTHS and just by using a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in purified water two to three times a day.

In addition to drinking this mild mix of oxygen and water, he put a couple of quarts of the peroxide in each of his three hot tubs IN his home (he's loaded) and in his 35,000 gallon pool, which was, by the way, totally covered with California black algae.

He and his old cronies (Bob was around 75 at that time), who also had a plethora of diseases and ailments similar to Bob's, would sit around all day in the hot tubs playing cards, sipping drinks and generally enjoying their millions. Bob never told these friends of his that he had put anything in the water. But as the weeks went on, Bob noticed his arthritis was getting MUCH better. The others did too, along with a number of other things. One of the guys went to his doctor to have his cancer problem checked, and the problem had vanished. GONE. Long story short: within two months ALL of their problems were GONE. Bob then told them what he had done. They were ecstatic! And the pool algae problem was gone, too. It took only THREE DAYS to nuke the black algae with 12 gallons of 35% HP.

Anywhere, this is where my story begins. I did the same thing: took the drops adding one drop to the total dose each day. I also took some liquid minerals (Optimin Plus) in between the doses. The arthritis pain was gone in one week. I had free range of motion by the second week (my right arm had become completely locked in a 90 degree angle). The arm flexed without pain and my wrist and fingers were totally usable and strong. The candida took almost two months to leave. It was a tough one to kill. News spread quickly about this personal "c-u-r-e" (did I say the "C" word? Yep! It's been over ELEVEN YEARS without a problem or reoccurrence!)

My neighbors across the street were in their mid seventies: he had emphysema and skin cancer all over his face, neck and back, she had colon and bladder cancer with tumors and polyps. They had just gotten back from their cancer doc who insisted that she go into the hospital the next DAY to have her colon AND bladder REMOVED! She would have to wear the "Bag" and was given a 50/50 chance of LIVING through the operation. Fat chance! They decided to blow off the doc and try the peroxide. Again, short story: SIX WEEKS to the day they started the treatment, she walked back into the docs office SMILING!

The doctor was convinced she would be dead in six weeks to two months. He nearly dropped his teeth! He asked her, "Maam, what the heck (he didn't ust that word!) have you been doing?" She replied, "Well doc, I've been drinking hydrogen peroxide!" He yelled, "Why, that stuff will kill ya!" She responded quickly, "Oh yeah!? You mean OXYGEN AND WATER IS GONNA KILL ME? Well sonny, you need to go downtown to the Dallas library on the fifth floor and have the people get you into MEDLINE and look up hydrogen peroxide! You'll find over 6000 articles on it, and I hope you choke on it!" With that, she wheeled around and headed for the door. Her parting shot was, "At least I won't be needing YOUR SERVICES AGAIN, Doc! I got EDUCATED and I've got peroxide! And I can spot a QUACK a mile away!"

I also had the pleasure of telling a little old man in Springtown Texas about it. His name was Leroy, and he had a real gravely voice. Leroy was a chronic arthritis sufferer. He was very wealthy and had traveled all over the world for a cure. None found. He called me one day from a referral from Wally Grotz, a friend in Minnesota (also known as the Peroxide Pope). Leroy was in a permanent sitting position, and walked with two 18" canes because his back was parallel to the floor. Cobra venom and gold shots didn't help. And he was at the end of his rope. His hours had been fitted with a CRANE inside to lift him from his ez chair TO the tub, TO the toilet, TO the bed, and then TO a wheel chair. He was almost blind from cataracts, and his wife had just died. He had no one to help him and no one to operate the crane. He said the peroxide was his last hope. I informed him on how to get it. He thanked me and hung up. I didn't hear from him for TWO MONTHS (that magic timeframe!) When he called back, I didn't recognize his voice. He said, "Steve! I just called to thank you ever so much for telling me about peroxide! And another thing, I threw away my glasses! I can read the phone book without them! And another thing. I just finished MOWING MY LAWN! And now I'm gonna walk down to the next farm house and tell them about this magical stuff! They all got cancers and arthritis, too." I heard from Leroy regularly for the next seven or eight years or so. He was gettin' in his 90's by then. I could go on and on.

I became affiliated with IBOM and Dr. Charles Farr. He's a SAINT! Totally! So is Wally Grotz and Father Willhelm, Wally's best friend and the dude that got Wally onto peroxide after they met on a ocean cruise Wally was taking after retiring from the post office in Delano, MN. It's quite a story. I will spare you the space, but track down those two and see what I mean! Good luck with the "experiment". Just use your head and let your body tell you what you need. Listen to it! I think ANY oxygen product is worth it's weight in gold. I believe-this is MY OPINION, FOLKS- (from inside reports of docs who are using some form of it on special cases) that it will be one of the only things to remove those pesky viruses that are (and will in the future) plague the world and kill many who don't know about it. The powers to be are doing a real good job of keeping us busy looking the other direction. Smoke screens, ya know? Keep focused on oxygen in every form, and balance it with anti-oxidants and trace minerals, and you'll be just fine. I'll shut up now.

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