Testimonials - Steve Brown - An Update

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Date: 15 February, 1997

This is an addendum to my original testimony on hydrogen peroxide. I had so many people e-mail me about how many drops I took and where I got it, etc. So here is part of the answer. I will only say that if anyone puts out the name of a source for 35% peroxide, the FDA will stomp them like a bug. So I won't help those folks in their quest to stomp out truth and health-giving products. Sorry. But I will tell you this: MOST of your chemical supply houses (McKesson, Dow, Malinkrockt(?) and lots of independent chemical houses carry 35% Food Grade and 30% REAGENT or MICROPROCESS grade peroxide.

You can usually buy it by the gallon with a case of 4 as a minimum an it usually runs about $15 a gallon for a case of 4 or total of $60. Drums of food grade usually run about $10 bucks a gallon or $550 total plus shipping or trucking. Go in with some friends and buy a drum and split it up! Or better yet, SELL IT QUIETLY (DON'T make any medical claims or put any literature about it that makes any medical claims in with it. You can have the people buying it order info from another source that is not connected with you. AND when you order the stuff from these chemical houses, make sure (if you are asked!) you tell them that it is just for your swimming pool and hot tub--to get rid of that darn, pesky California black algae! Or maybe you are a dairy farmer and you use it to flush out the milk pipes and swab the udders and milking apparatus. WHATEVER! Just NEVER tell them you are using it for anything else! PERIOD.

OK, with that out of the way, let me tell you what I was doing for myself with the peroxide. I originally started using the HP (that's Hydrogen Peroxide from now on) by putting one ounce into a gallon of purified water and then drinking ONE ounce on the first day, TWO ounces on the second day, THREE ounces on the third day, and then puking my brains out! This was going to be a tough row to hoe, folks! I called my friend who told me about this and he suggested a new way to do it: start with ONE DROP on the first day, and then do TWO DROPS on the second day, 3 on the third, and so on. Then when the taste of the HP was just too much to tolerate, SPLIT THE DOSE IN TWO. That meant, for example, instead of trying to gag down ten drops in one dose, I would just take FIVE DROPS TWICE A DAY--once when I first got up in the morning, and then again EITHER an hour after lunch OR just before I turned in for the evening. I would work up on this twice-a-day schedule to where I was up to ten or twelve drops at each dose (usually the gag threshold for most people, and then SPLIT IT INTO THREE DOSES and take it three times a day: early morning, afternoon and bed time.

I worked up to the grand total of 25 drops THREE TIMES A DAY. By this time, I had hair EVERYWHERE! I even took on dares at "health parties" (where there was no drugs, smoking, etc. Just health food, sprouts and veggies, freshly-juiced juices and beautiful women. I took 100 drops in a large glass of grape juice (not wine)with 50+ people looking on in wonderment. They watched me closely to see if I was going to hurl! I didn't. They watched me even closer for the next few hours to see if I went to the bathroom suddenly. I didn't. I will admit my stomach was a little queasy and I had a mild headache, but I had already done the majority of detoxing with the previous 2 months of taking the HP. I had a surge of energy for the next several hours because of all the oxygen in my system. My mouth was going ninety miles an hour! You couldn't shut me up! A lot of people noticed, too.

I will say a few things about this HP stuff. I always made sure that I took lots of ANTI-OXIDANTS like (for ME personally...) 1 gram of Vitamin C a day (split three ways) and combinations of other anti-oxidants (E, A, Selenium, Germanium, etc.) These were taken by me to counteract any POSSIBLE formation of FREE RADICALS (that have been associated with causing cancer). I also took DDS-1 Acidophilus because it also makes HP in the blood and it reinstates the friendly critters in the gut (which are killed by the HP). The DDS-1 has about 28 or so TYPES of micro organisms in its formula. It is available from UAS labs in St. Paul, MN (I think). I believe it has been licensed to other companies making Culture products and you can see "DDS-1" on the labels. It's good stuff!

I saw many people with bad candidasis (like me!) get over the majority of the symptoms with the combination of HP and DDS-1 in a matter of a couple of months. I personally saw family members have the "veil" lifted within an hour after taking a dose of 10 to 12 capsules emptied into some pure water and then down the hatch. That "Candida fog" that makes you a zombie just lifted and floated away. IT was great!

What else can I say? Just listen to your body. Learn about muscle testing, known as Applied Kinesiology (AK) and you will be able to tune-in to what your body is really saying. You can get really good at it and use it on your loved ones when they are too sick or weak to be tested themselves. You have a healthy person act as a surrogate, and you test the surrogate while the surrogate touches the baby, weak or sick person. It works fantastic. It would be an invaluable "tool" in the coming times when disasters and the like are upon us. Let's get real here. Don't think for one minute that when an earthquake or wave hits a city that you will be able to just run to the local clinic or hospital. Learn as much as you can about how to take care of you and your family as you can. Don't wait too long, either. Stockpile some HP, ozone equipment, ultraviolet lights, colloidal silver (better yet, learn how to make that stuff with a 9 volt battery!)

I've run out of steam, folks. I hope this helps! God Bless