Testimonials - Shelley Charlesworth

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Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999

I suffered from intermittent sinus problems. I washed my nose at least twice a day with warm salt water. The nose washing dramatically reduced the number or sinus infections I got, and made my over-all sinus health much much better but I would still get a sinus infection with a cold. A clean diet and vitamins all helped too. Being an elementary school teacher, I was constantly exposed to viruses. So I would probably get at least two colds a year.

I began researching oxygen therapies particularly ozone about 2 1/2 years ago because I got so sick of having to rely on antibiotics to get over a sinus infection! The more antibiotics you have to take, the more your overall health deteriorates. Your immune system gradually gets weakened by repeated courses of antibiotics. The more sinus infections you have, the more damage & scarring is done to your very dilate mucus membranes. Then the more prone you are to MORE infections. It becomes a terrible cycle.

Last Oct. I had a sinus infection that was not clearing up and I had been reading about ozone for the better part of a year by that time. So in November, I bought my ozone generator.

The oxygen tank is hooked up to the generator. The generator output gets a 6' long piece of silicon tubing attached to it and then various attachments are put on the end of the tubing.

For sinuses, there is a very neat adapter for inserting into the ear canal, a little double-ended earplug. The gas is run in at a slow flow rate, and diffuses through the ear drum, then into the middle ear, into the inner ear, as well as down the Eustachian tube, into the sinuses, and finally, into the brain. All the while, the bloodstream is carrying it away, as well. I have done as many as 5 ear insufflations ( 5 min each) in a day but normally I do 1 or 2 for a few days then skip a few days - then do one or 2 a day again. I just took a 3 week "ozone break" where I did no ozone at all.

I understand that many people insufflate their ears with ozone to help their brains functions better and the sinuses get cleared up as a SIDE benefit!!

So far, ozone has been like a miracle for me - I am not kidding. It is the best $$$ I ever spent.

It is true -there are alternatives to antibiotics!!

My ozone generator came with an "asthma kit" which consists of 2 plastic canisters (called "humidifiers") linked together with a piece of silicone tubing. They sit in a neat little plastic holder. I connect one line from the generator to the empty humidifier. The empty one is connected to the one with olive oil, and the humidifier with the olive oil came with a line attached that has a mask on it. I breathe in ozone this way safely. The instructions say not to breathe it in more than 20 min. at a time. It is very relaxing and soothing and I have to set a timer or I could fall asleep!!

I have a bubbling stone on the end of a tube that is used for ozonating water only. Ozonated water is the greatest best tasting water!!!

I am continuing to do great with my ozone unit! My ear insufflations and mask breathing are keeping my sinuses clear and healthy. I feel wonderful!!!!

I feel like shouting when people are complaining of their infections & miseries - "if you only knew"!!

Many people want the doctors to run their lives. I realized about 4 years ago that I could not rely on doctors to help me.

I have nothing to do with any ozone generator company. I'm a 51 year old elementary school teacher who has had 3 sinus surgeries and suffered infections despite daily nasal irrigation and clean diet & many vitamins. Ozone has helped me live infection & antibiotic free for 7 months now!!! I am happy to answer any questions.

January 23 2001 Update

I am still doing well in the sinus health department. I am still doing great using ozone. I have had great results with it and I am still a true believer.

I have had a VERY healthy year this past year (2000) after getting over a terrible flu in Dec '99.

I got a virulent flu in December '99 and it overwhelmed me. Even doing 4 & 5 ear insufflations of ozone a day did not enable me to kick the sinus infection I came down with. I ended up having to go to the doctor and get on antibiotics. I also developed pneumonia!!!

I emailed Saul Pressman and he said I should have drunk lots more ozonated water that I was doing.

I am not dependent on ozone --- I took a 3 month break from it this summer (2000) and recently I have gone 3 weeks without doing any ear insufflations.

Saul Pressman advises people to take periodic "ozone breaks". I had no colds or other viruses and no sinus infections this whole past year. (2000)

Shelley Charlesworth