Testimonials - Ronnie Shroff

Date: Thursday, February 11, 1999

The gum around my wisdom tooth had been giving me problems since my wisdom tooth started to come out. The gum became infected and I was in agonizing pain, particularly when eating. It was a bad sight. I went to my dentist and the first thing he said was that I would have to have the tooth removed. He told me the gum had been badly infected because food had lodged itself in between the tooth and the gum and had become infected. He said I had no alternative but to have an operation. I went to another dentist for a second opinion and he told me the same thing, gave me a bunch of painkillers and set-up an appointment for an operation to remove my tooth.

I came home and thought for a second: the tooth caused the gum infection but it wasn't the tooth that was giving me the pain. It was the gum. So why would the dentist want to remove my tooth? It just didn't make sense. With diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide placed on a small gauze I applied it to the infected sore periodically, and kept the gauze on it while sleeping. Within two days it had completely cleared up. I just saved my wisdom tooth and a huge bill - I guess you can say I made a "wise" choice. The infection has completely gone with no pain at all, all thanks to H202!!!