Testimonials - Randal Prue

Email: Randall Prue

I want to relate to you my experiences with oxygen and ozone products.

In 1990, I was administering 35% H2O2 orally to bovines (a dairy herd), @ 30 ppm, added to their drinking water. All the water on the farm was treated, so it was also in all cleanup water, etc. That's a low dose. Somebody must know how to convert it to % or whatever they want. I know how, but I'm not big on technical points. The cows became extremely healthy. Bacteria counts dropped and butterfat went up. Those 2 criteria convert immediately to $$ for the farmer. He is paid more for his milk the very next pickup. So, I started taking it myself. Circumstances moved me away from that work and from my source of H2O2, so I just stopped taking it, always thinking in the back of my mind, I'd have to find a way to get a smaller quantity than the 15 gallons drums the farmers use.

Summer 1995, I found the 16 oz. 35% food grade that are becoming more and more common and started taking it again.

In October 1995, I was asked to research oxygen as related to cancer. I was given information from a researcher who used herself as subject. She has been battling Lyme disease for many years and is acutely aware of any progress. In her research for noticeable effects of the oxygen products on her cancer, she noticed that her Lyme disease had disappeared after 3 weeks of H2O2 ingestion and bathing according to the popular doses found in O2xygen Therapies by Ed McCabe. Once she started chemotherapy in December, she noticed that the Lyme disease returned. My hypothesis is that the chemo has such a debilitating effect on the immune system that the Lyme disease was able to get in again. As a side effect to providing her with the information she wanted, I decided to re-initiate my own use of H2O2. I had been without any since I was no longer on the farm where we had barrels of it for the bovines. I found smaller quantities and purchased a 15-gallon drum for bathing and cleaning. I also obtained a magnesium oxide powder, bound to ozone, with Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, stabilized at a high pH. This is 'a la' magozone/homozone. I also obtained Donsbach's OxyGen (magnesium peroxide, aloe and colloidal minerals).

Initially, I took 10-15 drops per day of 35% food grade H2O2. I noticed an energy increase. I'm a person who is chronically well, so it's often hard to use myself for this type of research. After a few weeks, I began the MgO powder. I experienced a profound awareness of my light body / spirit body (semantics at discretion of reader). It was an experience I have had before as a result of other experiments. An awareness of the sub-atomic space which is the major composition of all matter. The symptoms of this experience are the same as the ones induced by other means (let's say radio-electro-magnetically induced). I was acutely aware of my real state as a human being: a spirit involved with the atoms that form the matter of my body. In this state, I was aware of how clean air is (should be); aware that oxygen and ozone are nature's universal cleansers and how clean and pristeen this planet was when we first arrived. I sensed the beginnings of life on this planet, and in contrast, looked at the mess we've made of it.

I began wanting my body to be clean, as well as my environment. One day, I stood in the tub after a peroxide bath and scrubbed the walls for a half an hour. They were due for a cleaning. I have not turned into a clean freak. I'm not all that fussy about dust and whatnot around the house (with 2 dogs and a bunch of plants), but the oxygen therapies I have tried have made me very aware of how clean and beautiful this planet was, could be and should be.

After a few days on the MgO, my sinuses began to drain, involuntarily and uncontrollably. What I mean is there is no warning to get kleenex or blow your nose. The stuff just runs out -- very liquid and it's obviously stuff that shouldn't be there (yellow/green stuff). After a month or so without the MgO, I got more (February), took it again, and the same thing happened again. It lasts a day or two. The typical colon cleanse also happened both times. That's soft stools caused by a liquefying of accumulated toxic waste in the intestines. It's converted to water and oxygen/ozone. The water comes out and the gases are absorbed into your blood.

One day, after a month or so, I had a surprise washing my face. By now, I had switched to the OxyGen from the 35% (much more palatable, but more expensive). On the wash cloth, I found dry flakes of skin that kept coming off. I wondered if it was drying my skin out, until I realized that I was removing dead skin. Under it was soft baby skin. I mean really just like a baby's skin. As a gardener, I am used to having rough hands. My skin is so new and soft now, that I have to be careful not to drop things. I'm getting used to it.

In the peroxide baths (6 oz. 35% per tub, or more), I invariably leave behind a layer of dead skin. To me this means that cell division has been accelerated, which is the key to longevity, health, anti-aging... call it what you want.

I'm sure I will remember more of what has happened to me and will forward that to you as it comes to mind, but something truly astonishing happened on Thursday, February 22, 1996. I was asked to witness an experiment which a man in his 30's decided to perform on himself. Roughly a week previous, he had a finger bitten by frost. He was told that a blood sucker (leech) would draw the blood out and apparently lots of people know about this.

Unfortunately, the medical system knows this but does not keep leeches. Leeches and frost tend to happen in diametrically-opposed seasons. It would cost him $250. to have a dozen leeches shipped up from U.S. The medical system graciously offered to remove his finger -- free! Or rather paid for my all of us via Medicare.

He decided to try an alternate approach to preserving his digit. He soaked it in 5% H2O2 (35% food grade 1:6 in water) for about 5 minutes. When he removed his finger from the water, I could not tell which one had been frost-bitten. It was the same colour as all the others. It had been a dark purple, approaching black. He felt a tugging, rubbing sensation while soaking. He has continued soaking several times a day since then and reports that the colour has returned to a normal red/purple (normal under the circumstances). When soaked, the blood circulation appears to increase dramatically. The congestion blocks up between soaks, but with each session, there is a gradual improvement. I must mention that at the same time, he is taking the MgO and H2O2 orally, as part of his experiment.

So, it seems that there is an alternative to removing frost-bitten extremities. Of course, it will never catch on. There's more money in ectomies.