Testimonials - Patrick Easton - Update

Date: Friday, May 23, 1997

This is an update from my previous testimonial.

I've completed fourteen IV's of H2O2 and 38 IV's of EDTA Chelation. I haven't had any blindness in my left eye (caused by TIA's) in over two months. I feel terrific.

On May 13th 1997 I had my 3rd Carotid Doppler since May 1996 to check my progression. On May 20, my doctor received the results and called me immediately to his office. He said the Doppler results said I was totally blocked on the left carotid and needed to get to the hospital immediately for an angiogram, and if I was still lucky enough to save it, they would do a carotid endarterectomy, (operate).

At the hospital my blood pressure was 208/118. I'm usually 118/65. They gave me Valium (Yuk) to calm me down enough for the angiogram. I was awake and totally focused on the procedure. The doctors found my left carotid artery was totally blocked from the aorta to the branch. Surgery was no longer an option. They sent me back to my room and reviewed the film.

About three hours later the doctors came to my room and gave me their conclusions. They said my other arteries that were 80% blocked 6 months ago were clear and much larger than normal. I had grown collateral arteries (extra arteries) up my left side from the aorta to the branch. I also have collaterals at the "circle of Willis" (At the base of the brain the Vertebral and Carotids join together) I appear to be getting plenty of blood to my brain and am in excellent health. My left common carotid is totally blocked but appears to have been that way a long time. (Maybe since birth). My system adapted. My Cholesterol, which was usually 450 if I didn't take any pills, was near normal (For the first time ever).

I think I have my arterioscleroses is licked, and my doctor agrees. Now if I can get my blood pressure back down (from all the excitement), I'll be OK.

Along with Chelation and H2O2 I maintained a rigid diet and nutritional supplement program. The total cost to me (Chelation, H2O2, Nutrients) in a year was about $6000. My insurance paid for the test. It was well worth it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any information, and thanks for the interest.