Testimonials - Neil Fuller

Date: Monday, 1 Apr 1996

I have used four different varieties of oxygen therapy, drinking dilute Hydrogen Peroxide, Drinking Ozonated water, Rectal insufflation of ozone, and intravenous injection of Ozone/Oxygen.

With the IV injections I took 38 injections of about 50cc's each injection over a period of 19 days (2 per day). Before I started taking the injections I tested positive for Herpes, afterward I tested negative for Herpes, and have never had any reoccurrences.

I am HIV+, and have been for 6 years now, I am fortunate to have a high T4 cell count ranging between 500 and 700, when using IV Ozone, I felt great, no other oxygen therapy made me feel this way.

I have seen someone die of PCP while using IV Ozone, so it does have its limitations.

During my 19 days of IV shots of the Ozone / Oxygen mixture on day two my t4 and t8 cells were measured at 704/mm3 and 2904/mm3. 12 days after the finish of the 19 days my t4 and t8's were measured again as 488/mm3 and 1572/mm3, I also had dark field microscope pictures taken 2 days after the 19 day period that show no bacteria in my blood, and very little viral infection of cells. From this I speculate that most of the infected T cells were eliminated from my body, leaving nearly all good ones, 54 days after the 19 day period I had another measurement done which was T8=2220/mm3 and T4=728/mm3 which indicated that my T-Cells levels had started to recover. Due to the virus still being present in my body however the viral reproduction started again thus keeping my T-Cells at their medium sub-normal level.

The reason that I stopped after 19 days was due to my veins hardening from the clumsy needle insertion, as I was injecting myself one handed. I will be starting the therapy again soon and trying for 2 injections a day for 6 weeks, I hope to eliminate the HIV next time like I did to the Herpes.

Neil Fuller
Secretary Treasurer / Board member
Body Positive Incorporated
New Zealand