Testimonials - John Parker

Date: Saturday, January 15, 2000

For the past six to seven years my wife has come down with a bronchial infection every year. Usually starting in late December and lasting until mid-April. In January of 1999, she was very symptomatic, with severe coughing and chest congestion. The doctors had told her every year that it was related to mould spores. The antibiotics that they would put her on every year never seemed to help. In early February of 1999 I purchased a combination ionization/ozone air purifier for our home. Within a couple of days she had stopped coughing and the symptoms were gone all together in a week. One year later she has had no similar conditions. We have also noted recently that we have had no colds or flu symptoms in that same time period.

On Christmas Eve we had a large party in our home. One of our guests arrived having been congested for 4 days. (Severe allergies) Within 45 minutes of being in our home he was cleared up. I am still amazed.