Testimonials - Joanna Payne

Date: Wednesday February 25, 1998

All my life I have had frequent throat infections. In my twenties, it seemed I had one every month, for which I would take antibiotics.

My GP referred me to a specialist, who gave me weekly vaccinations for a year. My infections became much less frequent, but more intense and harder to cure. I had to take larger doses of antibiotics for a longer period of time.

In a health newsletter I subscribe to, I learned about hydrogen peroxide and bought Dr. William Campbell Douglass' amazing book, "Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle." The book is mostly about intravenous H2O2, and if I hadn't been reading carefully, I would have missed the one sentence about using it in a vaporizer for respiratory infections.

I tried it. I used the common 3% variety in the brown bottle that you buy at the supermarket. I diluted it 8 to 1 and put it in a cool mist vaporizer. I used a cool mist because some people think the effectiveness of H2O2 is decreased by boiling, but I also use it in a mini-vaporizer I bought at the health food store, which boils it, and that works, too. Anyway, I don't have the concern about fungus and bacteria growing in the cool-mist vaporizer, because the H2O2 takes care of that! It does corrode the nebulizer, though, so I make sure to empty the liquid after I'm finished.

Results: I have not been back to the doctor for antibiotics since I started using this method. I estimate I have probably had 20 or more infections and every one of them has gone away with this method. If I catch it later than usual, I also gargle with h202, one part water to one part H2O2. It always works for me. Needless to say, I am ecstatic.

Everyone else I have shared my story with who decided to try it for themselves has also had success--some with viruses like colds and respiratory flu.

Joanna Payne