Testimonials - Jay C.

Date: Friday January 15, 1999

Well lets see where do I begin???

Several years ago my BEST friend introduced me to nutrition and OXYGEN THERAPY. So I was not ignorant to it however I did not take it seriously.

About a month ago I had a bad chest cold that would not go away no matter what I tried and I wouldn't go see a doctor because I was not into getting pumped up with all kinds of drugs. My best fried told me one time that he had a sinus infection which triggered his migraines and so he decided to do something about it. He put a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water in a humidifier and laid down to rest. Within the hour his sinus infection had cleared up and his migraine went away! WOW!

I decided to try it what the heck I mean this chest cold was not going anywhere anytime soon. So I mixed some peroxide alone in a humidified and turned it on and went to bed. Within 2 days I noticed my chest clearing up and I could breath a WHOLE LOT BETTER!!! Not only that, my energy levels SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF!!! And my BEST Friend was so impress by the results he stepped up his H2O2 therapy for therapeutic reasons!

Anyway I gargle with it 2 times a day and I swallow the foam in my mouth and feel charged up every time! GREAT stuff I tell everybody about it! Also I am currently on a Vitamin and HGH program allow with the H2O2 and am feeling GREAT!!! :))

Thanks for reading! :)