Testimonials - Elliott Harvey

Date: Monday, October 28, 1996

My mother was in the hospital with an advanced case of lupus.

The disease was attacking her lungs and she was on the highest amount of oxygen that they could give her. The next step was to open up her trachea and shove a pipe in.

The doctors gave up on her and advised me that they are out of options. Needless to say that they were giving her high doses of steroids and a massive amount of other pills. She contracted diabetes, osteoporosis, and other problems.

I informed the doctors that I was going to give her my own herbal, aromatherapy and H2O2 treatment. I started using H202 three times a day. She started reacting to the dosage, within 48 hours. Within 3 days she was decreasing the amount of oxygen the hospital was supplying, in 5 days the oxygen was cut in half.

The herbal formulas along with the H2O2 was working so well that they ordered her off the steroids and she was down to 4 litres of oxygen and was able to start walking again. The doctors were so amazed that they asked me about my procedures.