Testimonials - E. Balthrop

Date: Tuesday, October 5, 1999

My Testimonial is fairly brief, but sufficient as to the use of Oxygen supplements and their effectiveness.

In November 1998, I got into a "Health Kick" and starting looking into the wide array of Health Products available. I'm kind of a computer guy, and began searching the web.

The simplicity of Oxygen and the wide uses and benefits of it intellectually stimulated me. I ordered a bottle of stabilized liquid oxygen and began taking it. I had only been taking it for a few days when I noticed a heavy and thick "white goop" from one of my eyes when I woke up one morning and saw that one of my eyes was more red than the other. My wife even commented on it about 6pm that evening. My Mother is a registered nurse, so I called her and described the symptoms to her and she said, "It sounds like Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis. You had better get to a clinic and get on some antibiotics quick since it is very contagious and can get uncomfortable in a hurry." It was the day before Thanks Giving and the closest clinic closed 10 minutes before we got there. I explained to my wife that although it was red, it wasn't bothering me. I remembered that I had started taking the stabilized liquid oxygen product and was just about at "Full Strength", gradually building up to 10 drops 3Xday over a period of time. The next day was Thanks Giving day and every clinic was closed for the holiday. When we got to Mom and Dad's house for dinner, she confirmed that it was "Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis" and was amazed that my eye wasn't itching AT ALL! With 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I'm quite comfortable with her diagnosis. I told her that I was taking an Oxygen supplement and that it kills bacteria in your body the way H2O2 does on a cut or scratch. All our lives as children she preached it's effectiveness when used topically. Using it orally was foreign to her, but the proof was in my eye. I continued taking the stabilized liquid oxygen supplement and 2 days after Thanks Giving it was completely gone. The "Pink Eye" never got uncomfortable or itchy for me, not at all, because of the Oxygen Supplement.

If the Holiday wouldn't have fallen the way it did, at the time it did, I would have ended up taking a prescription antibiotic to get rid of it, but I'm glad I got an early taste of how effective Oxygen can be in fighting illness first hand.

I still can't believe that this kind of information has been kept from the public for as long as it has. Thank God for Oxygen and it's early Pioneers of study! Thank God for the Internet and it's Freedom of Speech!....still