Testimonials - Doug Cook

Date: Thursday, October 7, 1999

Hi everyone, I have discovered Hydrogen peroxide by accident, I was researching cancer on the internet, I had testicle cancer. But my left nut was removed and my lungs are fine ten years later. Note, I am all right now.

I have had pimples all of my life, and my father and sisters have some pimples, but my pimples where big and constant throughout my face and back. I have seen doctors and doctors, I have done diabetic tests and you name it, I got my face ripped open, and pimple injected, I even tried Acutaine, Nothing worked and frankly the more doctors and antibiotic I seen the worse I got.

After bathing and drinking Hydrogen peroxide I am crystal clear for the first time in my whole life. I drank 5 drops of 35% mixed in one once of tap water, three times a day, then as I got used to it I would increase the dosage by a drop or two more until I was up to 25 drops of 35% mixed in one full glass of tap water, three times a day. This took 3 months, to get up to this level. And it wasn't fun either, I can't explain it because it really doesn't have a flavour but it would be like taking medicine as a child my whole body just hated the stuff for about ten seconds after drinking it.

So after two more months my skin was clear on my face, I slowly decreased the dosage until I was down to 8 drops a day. I just mix 8 drops of 35% in one 2 litre jug of cool-aid and drink it daily. As I didn't have a book, I just watched my body closely and did what felt right. My face is crystal clear for the first time in my life. And it has remained that way for over a year.

During this time I would also take a bath once a month in H2O2 as I would mix one half a litre of 35% into my bath water.

Note: I wasn't drinking food grade H2O2 either...just the stuff they use to add to pools, or clean stuff with. I only learned about the food grade stuff afterwards.

Tip, I was determine to end my life of pimples, and I did it. But it is very scary to do it when all your life you just followed the doctors orders. And when I think about it, many doctors told me not to smoke, drink. Yet, it is common practice to smoke and drink for some people. I find it weird that the government lets kids smoke when we know that will make us sick. I was hooked on smoking since a kid. And nothing is being said about H2O2!

I was alone when I started using H2O2, this without the knowledge that should be common knowledge for all.

This is the truth. I swear it.