Testimonials - Donna Harris

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999

I am HIV + and so far have been quite healthy. I have been infected for 6 years. In November last year my Viral load climbed quite drastically so I decided that it was time to try something else other than just herbs and vitamins and other naturals. I traveled a considerable distance to the other end of the country to obtain Autohemotherapy with Ozone. I followed a protocol I found on the net, this being two treatments per day for 5 days, and then once a day for 5 days per week. My finances allowed for 1 month of treatment. While I was having treatment, I felt full of energy, went to the gym for over an hour per day, and took the recommended vit. A and C and other anti-oxidants. Oh yes, my C.D. 4 count prior to treatment was 192. Other than that, I seemed to go through the whole regimen of fungus infections from athletes foot, infected nails, thrush etc. After one month I returned home, cleared up the fungus but then suffered a setback in the form of some kind of bacterial infection all over my face which kept me in hiding for a week. The ointment I got from the clinic cleared that up, but the Antibiotic caused a really bad reaction from radical retching to an explosive pain in my head and down my back. So I stopped the antibiotic and now I feel much better. Two days ago I had my Viral load done and nearly died on the spot. My viral has almost doubled and now stands at 665 000. So I guess Autohemotherapy does not work for everyone. Sorry to give a negative report but I feel that everyone needs all the info, good and bad! I have yet to have a C.D.4 count done but I can't imagine it being very good. Anyone who needs to talk is welcome to e-mail me. I am finally considering going on one of the drug trials which is something I really wanted to avoid. Cheers