Testimonials - Chetta


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in August, 2000. After much research, I decided to try the ozone autohemotherapy. The doctor thought he would be able to rid my body of the virus since my viral load was low (292,000). My liver enzymes were normal also. Even though my viral load was low, I did have chronic Hepatitis not acute.

My experience with the ozone was as follows: After four treatments, my herpes were appearing on my lips (my usual place) but quickly disappearing within 2 days (it usually lasts a week). This continued for about two weeks and then stopped. I have not, to this day, had another case of herpes - but it has only been 3 months. I usually get them twice a year (the beginning of summer and winter). So far, this summer nothing- no herpes.

As for the hepatitis - after about eight treatments, I was feeling tired. I was told that the virus was being activated after lying dormant in my cells for so long. The tiredness lasted a few weeks and then suddenly I was starting to feel more energetic. I started to feel so good and knew that my body was killing this virus. I couldn't wait for my next treatment. I never knew what it felt like to have energy.

I went for a blood test after 12 treatments and unfortunately, my viral load doubled to 600,000 and my liver enzymes were above normal (from 42 to 56). I was very disappointed because I felt it was starting to work. My doctor wanted me to stop. It didn't bother me that my viral load increased because that seemed logical since the virus was hiding in my cells for so many years and the ozone was waking it up. Or, I could have had a higher viral load at some point and it was starting to decease. I guess I'll never know. But, the concern was the liver enzymes increasing. By activating the virus it could have stirred up my liver as well or I was also taking some medication that could have effected my liver. Again, I don't know.

But, one thing I do know - I really felt that the ozone was helping me. So, for the time being, I am stopping and taking medication to keep my liver under control and to lower my enzyme level. Once I accomplish this - I will probably return to the ozone and not take any other medication while I am under treatment. I will let you know when I start again.