Testimonials - Britt C. Scheer

Date: Friday January 3, 1997

I would like to post a personal testimony to what I consider a recent success with H2O2.

A little history:
I began taking H2O2, orally approx. 6 months ago. I began with one drop of 35% in 6oz of deionised water (twice daily - my schedule did not permit 3 times a day) and increased at a rate of one drop per day. The first day at 18 drops I was very nauseated approx. 30 minutes after taking the H2O2. The second day at 18 drops I "ralphed", suddenly approx. 30 minutes after. Third day same as the second. I backed off to 10 drops twice daily and that's what I've been taking for the last six months. I have had a noticeable reduction in my allergy attacks. Most notable is that when I take it before bed it seems to reduce my need for coffee in the morning, I wake up bright and alert. I have also not been "sick", until recently.

Success story:
After our family get together at Christmas, my children and my wife caught the flu (some type of Martian death flu). BTW - the middle of the flu season is a stupid time to gather together approximately 40 people in one house. Anyway, I didn't get the flu to the extent the others did. I did get a head cold with a sinus infection. I thought I would increase my H2O2 dosage to 12 drops three times a day to see if there was any further benefit. My head cold and sinus problems were gone in two days, it usually takes me weeks to get over a sinus infection.

The others are still sick - none of them take H2O2.