Testimonials - Bill Munro - An Update

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Date: Wednesday October 14, 1998

Gardening is over.

I used 8% hydrogen peroxide on my potatoes, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, squash, turnips, cucumber with no bug damage.

I put a gallon of peroxide around the base of each of the apple, peach, and pear trees on the first of May, the 15th, first of June and the 15th.

This years crop of fruit was the largest in the thirty five years of growing fruit trees. Next year I will extend the peroxide for another two applications.

Also a Crabapple nothing but peroxide around the base and as a spray on the tree.

If you plant potatoes - put the eye in the ground, soak it with peroxide and cover it up. If you have a bug - spray the leaves lightly, but only if bugs are visible.

Soak corn seeds for one or two hours just before planting. In as few as 5 days you should see sprouts.

Flowering plants - spray with 8% as bugs appear.

For sick plants apply liberally around the base and spray the leaves lightly.

Bill Munro

Date: Wednesday October 23, 2002

This last summer I had a bug free vegetable garden, except the cabbage slug. When the first cabbage came to a head I poured about a half cup of 8% peroxide over the head. I had no problem until the new cabbage came on after I harvested the first cabbage. I used more peroxide but it was not as good as the first.

Something happened that I am not sure of. I sprayed my fruit trees with one ounce of 40% peroxide per gallon of water three times in the spring. We live about 200 ft. from a pond. My wife and I did not have one mosquito bite while we were in our yard. There were very few ladybugs. I think the lack of ladybugs was no bad bugs for them. Bad bugs, be they are in your garden or in your body, cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. I believe the mosquitoes live on plants as well as blood animals.

My wife and I still inhale 3% peroxide in to our mouth every morning and night. The only medication I use is 3% peroxide. I am less than 2 years from 80. When I was younger I had warts frequently, have not had any in last eight years.

I have had two of my friends tell me they don't use the peroxide any more. - WHY? -They have not been sick so why use it.

Dr. William Campbell Douglass has more to say. Below.

Thank you for your time.

Bill Munro