Testimonials - Bill Borders

Date: Wednesday December 11, 1996

Existing therapy is the ingestion of H2O2(35%) diluted in water.

Currently ingesting 20 drops diluted in 6-8ozs. of water at least twice daily. Am working towards 25 drops at least 3 times daily.

No recurrence of Candida/Thrush.

Dead toenail as a result of Candida has begun to grow back after 2 years. Discolouration of other toenails is diminishing as the toenail grows.

Asthma symptoms have diminished - no longer require frequent use of Becloforte(Inhaler).

Have been on therapy for the past 5 months, the last 4 being quite regimental. No side effects.

Also use 3.5% H2O2 for oral rinse and with baking soda for brushing teeth.