Testimonials - Betty Harrison

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Date: Saturday July 19, 1997

In October 1996 I was diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection, atypical mycobacterium disease, also known as Lady Windemere disease. This diagnosis came after almost six months of x-rays, misdiagnosis as TB and various other tests. I was told by four doctors, all specialists, there was no known cure, only an operation to cut out that part of my lung. The organism was only slightly sensitive to the antibiotic "Biaxin". The only other option was intravenous drugs which had grave side affects and was not a 100% cure.

The company I worked for was closing the end of December 96 so I decided to put off the operation until then. In December I learned of Oxygen therapy, bought books and began to read up on it. In January 97 I began taking a flavoured solution of magnesium/ hydrogen peroxide formula. I was taking 6 ounces per day of this formula which amounted to 120 drops per day of 35% HP. I only took this much because I was desperate. Never did I have any negative reaction to the HP. After three weeks on this formula the infection was greatly reduced. After two months the infection was gone. My last X-ray (June 97) only showed one very small spot which the doctor thinks is a scar. I told my 'medical' doctor about this, and her only comment was "if it's not hurting you, go ahead".

I did the oxygen therapy on my own, with the help of several books and various literature. I also simultaneously made other changes in my lifestyle. I am 52 years old, started taking a good regimen of vitamins and minerals, exercise 4 or more times per week, cut my fat intake to almost zero, and have never felt better. I am still taking the HP of 3 ounces per day, or 75 drops.

It is hard to believe something so simple could cure a disease which was suppose to be incurable. I am totally convinced the hydrogen peroxide cured me.

There's a lot more to this story but I tried to shorten it for the sake of my readers. Just don't be afraid to take control of your own health, at the same time be very cautious how you use the HP.