Testimonials - Anthony

Email: anthony_wr@yahoo.com

Date: Monday, April 3, 2000

Since 1995, I have had reoccurring herpes ( type 1 ) outbreaks. I tried most everything, including suppressive therapy using 500mg Valtrex daily for months. This did give me a better control of the virus but still occasionally the outbreaks continued ( on my genitals ).

I tried all natural vitamins, take Lysine daily for added comfort and keep away from any stimulants such as caffeine, chocolate and any other sugar additives. Still the outbreaks continue.

Recently, I began intravenous O3, once a week. The procedure is quite simple, with the right equipment :

taking aprox 450ml of blood from one arm, adding some O3 to the bag and gently shaking, rocking the contents together. This stirring only lasts about one minute or less. Then introducing it into the other arm.

The whole procedure take about 20 mins, the transfusion work was done by the doctor.

When I fist began the treatment, I had an ongoing outbreak and within two days the sores were healed. I have only been doing the treatment for three weeks, so it is a little early to comment on the effectiveness of the intravenous ozone, but I will keep updating this info.